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Friday, January 22, 2016

Food Doesn't Go Into One Mouth After 7 PM

I've been getting in a walk daily, although not long or far. Thursday I took Carrie to her doctor appointment here in Bonners Ferry.
So I walk a little around the area, biggest work out was walking up hill.
 This is the very first hospital in Bonnners Ferry.
I been doing real good on eating. Carrie used RICHARD SIMMONS program to loose weight. One doesn't HEAR about Richard Simmons much these days. Carrie had one of his cook book. A chicken and bean soup. Did a little changing. I like veggies in my soup. Add some shallot and tomatillo. This recipe called for package of dried ranch dressing. Which add a nice tang to it.
I believe my eating been pretty well on track. Ended up being busy so haven't had the chance to record what I stuck in my mouth. I'll can honestly say I haven't had any large amount of sweet. I had good size bit of my husband sweet roll.

The other day some one blame President Obama for taking start to take medicare out of our paycheck, and it part of Obama Care.
According to the La Times article it been taken out since 1967
Then also most on talk radio they'll go on about Obama phone. There been a phone substitutes since 1997  although back then most people still had land lines.
But now since cell phone there willing to pay up to 250 minute and some area longer.
Which will sure cover any business you may have.

Last evening Murphy and I went over to his sister Faith and her husband Heniz and played PINOCHLE. Well they won both games.
She cooked us a wonderful meal.
Couple of things I want to know about the rules about nine,,,five nine and no melt...and six nine and melt you could ask for a re-deal well it not in the rules.
Idaho is mention and might been the only place that came up with the ideal of shooting the moon.
I still like playing this CARD GAME

Coffee is on


  1. Nice little area you live in, good place to take a walk.
    Richard Simmons - is he still alive? He did have a good idea with the moving - any movement is better than sitting still.

  2. I seldom eat anything after noon.

  3. Our suppers are usually late - 7:30 or even 8pm. I haven't been doing well with my stress eating lately - we'll see what happens weight wise. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. I try not to eat after 7pm, unless it's fruit. I do drink tea in the evening - the caffeine doesn't seem to keep me awake when I go to bed.


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