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Monday, January 11, 2016

Few Scratches In Life

Still doing a little bit of genealogy work on my dad mothers side. This guy here is my 2nd great grand father Russel Trefry. I was told that the Trefry was Indian. By my DNA results there no Indian blood in me.
There from England and branch of the CORNISH people.
This guy and his wife Debbie end up having 12 children and one was my great grand ma Emma.
Russel and his wife both born in Nova Scotia and move to Michigan farm the land. Both are buried in Michigan.

  Parked in the JW parking lot and did a very short walk. The road are iffy. With crappy insurance I have. I call it two broken leg insurance. My luck if I fell I would just break my arm and it would come out of my pocket.
One thing I'm clueless is price of grains. Looks like half of these silo is in city of Bonners Ferry and half are on out side of city.
Had plan to get ready to send off two package today, and didn't accomplish it. One was going to my kids in Spokane Valley.
A few items for my grand child.
The ideal I had was to get two padded large envelopes. Guess what I forgot to pick them up, and as I was driving home. I said "Oh shit I was going to get them at the post office" and I was in downtown.
I sign up for a secret sister and seem like I can't get my act together and send off her package.

 My walk was just pass the hospital looking over part of the valley toward the river. The rock formation is what the local Indians called "Ambush rock"

 I did work a little this early afternoon, some light house work and got transit for my client Carrie this week,
She has appointment for both Wednesday and Thursday.

I did a little more work in the small bed room. add a few piece to the yard sale, found some cards and items that can be use to write to my pen pals. Which I should start doing.
Semi organize some craft magazine mostly ceramic ones.
Couple items I will be taken to the thrift store.

Murphy split up some large birch rounds, his back is sore. So I end up reranging the firewood in basement and cooking dinner. Pork chops, rice, and applesauce.

Coffee is on


  1. I often wondered about those DNA tests to prove origins. So many people say they are and I wonder if it's true. My husband has some Indian blood in him, when our son was born you sure could tell. The little cousins - not so much.
    Thanks for reminding me - I have some things that should go to the post office!
    Our insurance has a high deductible too, it's a crying shame things have gotten so out of hand.

  2. Well, at least if you did break your arm you could save yourself the price of an ambulance by walking over. I hear you on the costs.

    I got a couple of treking poles from Walmart - $30 each. They do wonders. Even if they slide around on the ice - of which we have too much right now - I don't go down.

  3. "By my DNA results there no Indian blood in me."

    Our ancestors where not honest about many things so you can't expect genealogy to explain your roots. Many of them claimed there was some indian in the line just cuz it seemed cool to have some. My father wasn't really my father, they just pretended he was, and that is how it shows up in the genealogy tree in Salt Lake City. We are all just mutts and I'm fine with that.

  4. My #1 daughter is one quarter native (and 3/4 mutt) but her mother was from Alaska and her father was from england so that tree is fairly accurate, it didn't start going to hell until her mother got the hots for me. :-)


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