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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Word Of Mouth

It use to be if you want to spread the word. Either negative or positive one would go with a someone to local coffee shop, and say something that you need to spread like wild fire.
Now it seem if need to spread the word about something one usual now does by social media.

I bought a few items though WISH for the up coming Granddaughter. I order two pocket diapers. Sure look a lot easier then using safety pins.
and a few other items

I did find the pattern to make pocket diapers. Still need to find if the parents likes this style and what there actual going to do.
I don't want to force my opinion about parenting. So I try to keep my mouth shut.
Now I need to figure and read up on the best fabric to use.

I did order one large item for the baby. I never had a baby swing, and so my Grand kid will have one.

Now for a little bit of current news on the home front. After work I stop by my friend Alice and thank her for the gifts, she got me.
Well fifteen minutes before I showed up found out the church across the street had quite a few custom and border patrol. I did see one custom car there.
Before I got there, stop in at a local thrift store to use there bathroom. Right in front sat a deputy watching.

Well this was our last meeting for year at our local T.O.P.S group, and we did the paper work to send into the national head quarters.
On the average each person lost 3.5 pounds this last year. One of our members start in January just under 210 pounds and her last weigh in was around 135 pounds.
A few others lost between 10 and 15 pounds this year.
For me, I lost 3.5 pounds this year. Although I was up a bit. Holidays could of been a lot worst.
Have to say one piece of candy today. Now I need to get back post what I eat.

Coffee is on

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