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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It May Not Be Fair, But It Not Underhanded

One thing never came to my mind, that I had no music interments on the Christmas tree. I don't remember even having them in box. Although I don't put all of my ornaments on. Have to many and I could even do a small second tree.
At our local T.O.P.S group we had our Christmas brunch, and I was down a pound and quarter.
Well one of the ladies in group brought some ornaments and let us  each choice one.
 Since I got my cowboy ornament up. It got me thinking about being in the waiting room at doctor office. Carrie had an appointment with her therapist.
One guy had an pistol on his side in a holster. Question time....Why do people care guns. I hasn't scared or even slight nervous that he might even shoot up the place.
I start to wonder why he feel he needed or wants to care a fire arm.

As I was in waiting room. Manage to get in a short walk. I only took a sweater and it was on the breezy side.
Confession time...Still carry a heavy baggage from my mom and attitude about people reading. She carried a burden from her childhood.
When she was young and when she came home from school. She claim that her mom (my Grandma Olive) sat all day reading "Western Romance Novels" and they pretty much lived in squalled continuation. She compares it to "Rome burning and the fiddle players just keeps on playing not getting the bucket of water to douse the fire"
So I'll read a maybe a couple of paragraphs and waiting for my mom interrupts my reading and have me to do some type of chore.
Reading made me feel like it something one hides and does
She wasn't as bad with my dad (Pete) but she watched the clock and tapped her foot on the floor. One could see she was irritated.
I'm reading now a book by JO WALTON called AMONG OTHERS
 Eating was a little different since I ate out between breakfast and lunch. I never ate before I weighed in. I would guess I lost a half of pound if I ate before weigh in.
So I had a brunch instead. hashbrown, English Muffin, one egg, and slice of ham. I don't have ham all that often to much salt. But I only ate half and box the other part up and brought it home.
Then later in the day I had an McVandenberg. Like McDonald McMuffin but better. Dinner was spaghetti and salad.
Well at the brunch today. Lalita deck the table in holiday trim. Got everyone an apple with peanut butter nicely wrap with trimming.
So Murphy and I split the apple and I dipped my half in peanut butter.

Coffee is on

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  1. Open carry is not permitted where I live in New York State. I visit the Carolinas once a year and open carry is permitted in South Carolina. After the first couple of times I saw it, it never bothered me but seeing a "no firearms allowed" sign on a medical walk in I had to use in Raleigh, NC did get me to pondering...just a little. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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