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Saturday, December 12, 2015


I know there children who will wake up with no Christmas, and I'm not talking up those door knockers who don't CELERBRATE anything I know of.
So most holiday season I try to help out those who are less fortune. Not saying I have a bundle of cash to work with. But I can afford some where between $25 and $50.
What I've read there was 80 tags of people who are asking for help in our community.
When I drop off my bag of gifts, still there were 20 gift tags of children of all ages needing help.
 Murphy when it comes to the Christmas tree. He helps with the stand and stringing the lights. The rest is up to me.
This year I sort the heavier and the lighter ornament out. Which so far been a lot easier. 
It takes about two days to place all of my ornaments and I'm not going to even hang all of my ornaments on this year.
Confession time...I can't stand Christmas trees done in one color.
To me each ornament represent something, a story behind it. Or a meaning. And each year I pick up a new ornament, this year I did pick up few of them.

This year my new ornaments are a bird in cage. I never had a bird when I was younger. But have always enjoyed people canaries. 
The letter D and there is sparkle ornament I received as gifts. I'm sure the letter "D" because my actual name is Dora.
Back side of snowman, since I collect snow people and place them out during the holiday season. Not every year but I do pick up an snow people ornament.
One the last photo (above) there is a set of milk jug, in a carrier. Which reminds me of the twelve days of Christmas.  Eight maids of milking is still at $58. Because blue color workers wages haven't gone up.
I'm a person who embrace change. Like to try new things. So I bought a few items and twist them on branches so they could stand up. 
Red berries on what looks like a cluster of pine needles.
Queen Victoria husband Prince ALBERT introduce the ideal of a Christmas tree from his native land of Germany. 
It seem like back them they used a variety of items to deck there trees out. 

I did more then Christmas tree. I went to work. Very rarely I work on Saturday. Regis wasn't home he was at his sister in law Liz place.
Since a lot of these people who get a disability check monthly. They don't conceive the ideal some people needs to work for a pay check. 
I only wish they would give me a call to let me know what is going on.
I kept my eating in check. Didn't buy any junk food. I guess the worst thing I had today was a Pina Colada.
It would of been better with pineapple chunks in it.

I have trouble "Deliver us from Evil" I don't spend much time on deliver us from evil, but I rather deliver "Joy" and "happiness". Hope that nine year girl I bought for when she opens her gifts it will a lease bring a smile to her face.

Coffee is on

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  1. The piña colada has been the national drink of Puerto Rico since 1978


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