weight lost and walking

Friday, December 11, 2015

Before Noon

Both Murphy and I are pretty much morning people. I usual am up between 5 and 7 in the morning. Murphy a little before me.

One thing I decided about weight lost, I really don't get that much physical activities. Some may think I get quite a bit of physical activities.
But both of my clients are not bed ridden. It more listening to them and even they have a social workers and therapist.

So this morning I help Murphy haul in a few loads of firewood into the basement. And I believe we only did about 4 or 5 wheel barrow load. And I was some what puffing, lightly.
And I can even feel my own flab, not much muscle tone.
I kept my eating more and more in check today.
For breakfast I had 2 slice of cold piazza, and for lunch Murphy made an fruit salad, Using pears, almonds, cottage cheese,
Now during the day a few time I open our refrigerator and look around. Once I did have a slice of cheese.
Well I was a ware what I ate. I guess if one want to take off any amount of weight one needs to always be diligent on what is placed in there mouth.
Finding the time to walk or more physical activity is hard for me.

Murphy and I got the tree up today and the lights. I decided to put garland on the tree this time around. I was wondering why we put GARLAND on the tree.
I'm using red and gold. I'm a short of it and if I can find some locally and at responsible price. I don't mind stopping at local thrift stores.

Confession time...I like nice things such as fine jewelry, fine china, fine crystal, fine food, and fine drink, But I like a glass of good home made wine in a mug.

Coffee is on    


  1. Hello Dora - I love your tree!

  2. i like every thing in a good china mug. i can't remember the last time i used a glass.


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