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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two Not Three

Had a small break between jobs today. So I went to all three thrift store. Actual I consider our thrift store our local variety store.
We don't have a Walmart in our community. Which I honestly don't mind.

For $40 we got a dish washer. Basically the same one we had before. Then I found a necklace for $2.49.

I got two snowman from two of our local thrift stores. But haven't yet found one I liked at Second Chance Adoption.
The one I was looking at, so afraid "Daisy" our dog would chew it up.

Eating went as plan or I should say I kept it under control. I figure if my client offered me a goodie I would have just one, and smaller portion.
So I at Regis I had a cookie and over at Hershal and Carrie I had a small slice of cake.
Breakfast was about quarter cup of cheerios, little bit of fried potatoes with 2 eggs.
Lunch was four items. Which seems to work, yogurt, banana, hard boil egg, and a half of a cheese sandwich.
Murphy made beef stew and had a bowl. The bowl are just hair over 2 cups.

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  1. I've never used a dishwasher, have one in the new apartment but just store stuff in it.

  2. Bill...Since I'm working my husband and does most of the dishes now. Decides we need a dish washer...ha!ha!
    When growing up I did dinner dishes. I believe since I was 10.
    Coffee is on


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