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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

To Much For Me

     I post for my self. A sense of mental health for my brain and soul. I would be lying to you. If I said..."I don't like to have someone stop and comment"...well when some stop in, I like to visit there blogs.
But when they come over from the social site like G plus. It seem I never can find there blogs.
I'm a middle age woman who knows I can't do all the social media things out in world. And have no desire to.

    Let start about my weigh in at our local T.O.P.S group. I was down an either a .25 or .50 pound.
After weigh in I met my friend Quenella at under the sun.
I want her thought on Murphette situation.
There quite a few people in our community who help Murphette to get back on her feet. At this time she living in her mini van.
For some reason she makes the same bad choices over and over again.
Well I just can't let her freeze to death in her van. Twice we took her in our home. She did pay rent. But she stay with us 3 months to save up money, which she never did.  Hoping she would get her life back together.
Which she hasn't.
Question time...I wonder if she even has the tools to take care of her self?
So I brought up the Ideal to Qunella. About going and talking to her therapist about her living arrangement.
I know her therapist can't respond to me. Question time.... I wonder if her therapist knows about her living situation.
Once she told me that her therapist told her she was making good choices.
Winter is on the way.

There isn't much for the needy, since all these cut back. Her income is around $750 a month. She does get food stamps, and her medical is taking care of by medicare and medicaid.
A basic single wide trailer starts at $450 a month.
There haven't been any low income subsidize place build in BOUNDARY COUNTY for ages. There always full.

Food was ok. I might as well get it out in open. My naughty food was a 2 inch slice of german chocolate cake. Also 5 pieces of kisses.
Breakfast was one egg, 2 piece of link sausage, and piece of toast.
Lunch was a banana, kohlrabi, and a rice cake.
Dinner consist of pull pork sandwich, and home can green beans.

Worked for Carrie and after I got done. I drove out to the Hope House (A give away house for non food items). I took them 3 package generic razor blades, and a package of discounted bag of Halloween candy.

As for cleaning and organizing in small bedroom. I got all the fabric put in one area of the room. Still need to go though it.
I should be able to get it in one general area. I'm thinking about putting it up on closet shelf.

                                                                          Coffee is on



  1. Oh hello there :) You say you like when people come and comment, so I am here doing just that and of course, reading your thoughts too!

    Your naughty food selection has me day dreaming about raiding a grocery store bakery and going to town! LOL!

  2. You certainly lead a life full of unexpected occurrences. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Happy that you stopped by for a visit Dora.

    I do NOT ENJOY that Google Plus for the same reason...so many times, their blog posts are unavailable.

  4. I don't post to Google Plus that much. I think, eventually, Google will abandon it as a failed venture.
    Winter is coming here, too, but we have (I think) more of a safety net for homeless/mentally ill. Our community, though, has high unemployment. Food pantries are very strained most of the year.
    I was really naughty last night. Two pieces of candy, a slice of cake, sweet potato chips. I am really struggling with keeping weight off lately.
    Thank you for visiting my blog several times recently. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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