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Friday, November 13, 2015

People, Some Of Them I Wonder About

        I gave Murphette a dead line she need to be out of here by and her mail not coming to my address. Which is Tuesday the 24th.
I let her plug in from my shop/garage a few days during the week. So in hope she can take care of her business. Not watching movies and playing games on her computer
Which I'm doubting she even trying. One of those people who drags things out to last dog is hung.
Came home from work and saw her plug in. I said "what the fuck is Murphette doing here".
So Murphy went out and told her that we want our weekend to our self.
I hope she doesn't think the weekend start Saturday morning.

      Work was some what stressful for me. I went over to Regis this morning and found out Liz son Paul attack his Uncle Regis.
Some how we got a bottle of vodka and was taking Regis medication.
Well the cops was called in, and the place was trashed.
There trying to get him in to some type of rehab. But with out any insurance he is up the creek with out paddle.

     So eating was difficult for me, keeping it in check.
Breakfast scrambled eggs, and a piece of toast. Lunch a bowl of beef stew, and dinner pork chop, green salad with raspberry vinaigrette, a cap full. And Mash potatoes with ketchup on it.
Naughty food! I think a better tern would be stress related food.
 3 cookies, small piece of cake. actual it was smaller then the one I had yesterday. and a kind bar apricot flavor.

     I stop this afternoon to both of local craft shows. Looking for snowman or woman. Didn't find anything in my price range or liking.
Not many people was at the one at the fair grounds, it was toward closing time.
I swung by the senior citizen place and which wasn't quite open. Some was still sitting up. Took a quick look and really nothing for snow man/woman.  


  1. Oh dear, by the sounds of it you've had quite the time. Hope you find your snowmen/women crafts in your price range in time for the holiday season.

  2. She had better be thinking about where she will be for Thanksgiving. Are you having dinner at home?

  3. Hope that you're having a good relaxing weekend after all the commotion!

  4. The weekend so far on the higher note.

    Bill she knows the 24th is her last day to plug in, and Thanksgiving is on the 26th. We're going to my youngest in laws for dinner. They're in Spokane Valley.
    Any how two of her daughters and step son lives in the area.

  5. I am prone to stress eating. If I had a day like you did, your naughtiness would have been nothing compared to mine. Don't beat yourself up, and don't feel bad about setting limits. That is one thing I fear in helping anyone - the taking advantage - and I admit to being a less than helpful/sympathetic person at times. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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