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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nothing After Wards

I figure since the last two days been a little hectic. I thought it would be time for me to get with the program. Of our health challenge that my weight lost group is doing.
So this morning I start with french toast and had peanut butter and molasses on it.

Since we bought home some Turkey caucus Murphy mad some turkey noodle soup. I did the noodles up.

Well for fill in food I had an kind bar, I believe apple, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. Oh yes, and Liz salad
I went work today so I can get my hours in, a lease on paper. Being in home care and no union we don't have any type of holiday, sick or vacation pay.
But either one of my clients don't mind me taking a little time off.

Afterward I went up to under the sun, met with some ladies and we work on our craft projects. Most of us crochet or knit. I just start to crochet a baby hat
Today is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY and I went to our local merchants in Bonners Ferry and got a few gifts.
A cotton shirt for Bart.
 Socks for Sawyer. I was planning to stop by Super One and get him a small egg skillet. Well when I was in there, total space it out.
I made up 9 crochet dish clothes for my daughter in laws, Betty and Molly. I thought I should give them something else because I look as dish clothes as an house hold gifts.
So my sister in law made up some Jewelry and she takes them to our local craft show last month. She still have quite a bit of inventory and she gave me two sets necklace and earnings.
Some place or most place it dumb ideal to talk religion or politics. One is at our local craftier group. One lady who seem real nice person. Made an little announcement. She didn't pound on table to get every one attention.
That the local oath keeper is going to meet at the court house in boundary county and have our commissioners write to our Governor Otter and to not let any Syrian refuges into our state or county.
I'm not going and I have to be in Sandpoint with husband.

It makes me some where between sad and angry that a person can have such a small heart and thoughts toward anther human

     Coffee is on


  1. That seems like a breakfast that would give you lots of energy!

    As for the refugees remark: as an American friend of mine living in the US said recently, it seems that many Americans have forgotten that they were either refugees or are the descendants of refugees themselves. Also, remember that the likes of Albert Einstein was a refugee!

  2. The soup looks good.

  3. We Americans are being tested for our hearts and our attitudes. Sadly, turning away refugees is nothing new for our country. We need only go back to World War II and the thousands of refugees (including over 20,000 children) from Nazi Germany we turned away - including the passengers on the ship St. Louis. Many of those on that ship ended up dying before the end of the war. My childhood best friend's parents were German Jews. My grandparents were refugees, too. We do so easily forget.

  4. I love french toast. i normally don't get it. As my boyfriend hates it. The turkey soup look good and healthy.

    I have no issues taking in people who plan to live, become American citizens who learn and respect our culture. I do have issues with thinking we can take all these extra people that are posing as refugees that plan to blow up, hurt or change our culture to Sharia law. There is more to the issue than taking in refugees. We have to think of national security and how we plan to pay for all these people. The working and high class has already made it known how they feel about people on welfare. What do you think these refugees will be on when they get here...welfare.


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