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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Look At The Time

I was doing a little bit of Genealogy on the Muench name. My Mothers mothers side. German Catholics. To my figuring he and his family came over to United States about the 1880's.
As Carrie was getting a shot for her pain. I mange to get a walk in Sandpoint. I notice this older looking jeep like pick up. Not sure what type or year it is. I thought it was pretty cool looking.
I can remember Dubs even as a little kid. DUBS was open in 1951. The last thing I had a Dubs bar something like the Dairy Queen dilly bars.
One thing I would highly recommend is there fish and chips.
Start my walk from there.
Walking around in this quite neighborhood. Lot of the homes had big front porches.

I see these sign every so often in Sandpoint area. I've never have seen a political statement in my neck of the woods.
Seen bumper stickers who they want to see as President. By the bumper stickers I would have to say BEN CARSON.
Then on the democrat ticket as for the bumper stickers it would be BERNIE SANDERS 
Sure looks like a friendly little place to live if your a bird. I saw a facebook posting that our county is having an rally the 30th of November. 10 AM in the morning.
This is what it about...We are going to ask our Commissioners to stand up for us and write a resolution telling Gov. Otter not to accept Syrian Refugees here in Boundary County and Idaho. This is very important!! We do not want terrorists here !!. We MUST stand up and protect our families, friends, and neighbors!!! It is up to us. Please come and tell the commissioners to stand up and protect us. Please share this and invite your friends.

I'm not going. I wouldn't have an issue if our area was more then multi culture. We could do with less Tea Party thinking.

As for eating I'm just going list my snacks. Still nothing after 7pm. Starbuck I think it so stupid that some people thinks the lady on the cup is Satanic symbol. Actual it so stupid it's funny. 
Statement time...It over priced and I had better coffee from other places.
But anything these paranoid evilgenitality (Evangelist) is agaist I'm for. 
I better get back to my snack. A piece of cheese and ice cream cone.
I ate a pretty much a balance meals today.

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  1. Painting them like that is the best thing you can do with those old Jeeps.


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