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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jesus Way Over Priced

       Today I went to our friends Jeff and LaLita (Jeff Mom's funereal). Of course it seem someone is trying to sell you the entire thing that Jesus died on the cross for you sin.
When I say I'm in to the Earth Base faith. So many time they want to know about my ethics and morals.
Believe me, I have morals and ethics. Not trying to put my self on a petals, Sometime I think I have more ethics and some Christians.
There a lot of people who are wise and have a lot of wise words to live by. "Wicked in heart sitting in the pews"

     Went and picked up Thanksgiving food boxes for my client Regis and his sister in law Liz. LaWalla, Regis other care giver.
Since LaWalla couldn't do it, and she is straightly organic and don't eat meat. I took her box and came home with a Turkey. Not sure when we will cook it.
Planning to go to my son Bart in-laws for Thanksgiving.
Well usual our local church ministers put together boxes for Thanksgiving and Christmas for those who are in need.
But when someone sign up in late Oct or first part of Nov for a holiday box. They usual give you a choice for one box, either Christmas or Thanksgiving.
This year our local Churches are putting on a community Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday at the middle school.
So they can put more into Christmas boxes and hope to help more who are in need.
I have to say the local Oath Keepers did an excellent job filling a need in our community.

   Usual at all funereal I been to you they have offer a meal. This one was potluck. I might as well get this right up front.
I end up sitting by this lady with a grey hat. She is a nut case. Crap she need to be on some medication or drink a little more wine.
She went off about the affordable care act. How she lost her insurance. So I said nicely how I got insurance and could of afford it.
Her remark was "You must be poor and you dress well for a poor person". Then she start to complain she doesn't have any friends.  I can see why she has trouble making friends and holding on to them.
Then of course she ask me if I believe in Jesus. I said "No" she was shocked. But I told her I follow Jesus teaching.

Eating went well at the potluck I had five items. Nothing from the desert table. Confession time...I had two bites from my husband piece of cake.
Breakfast was french toast and bacon. Usual I have peanut butter and the peanut butter my husband got taste like "crap" so I had syrup.
Lunch was left over chicken fried steak, sweet potato, and green salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Yes and three fourth of roast beef sandwich.


  1. Never met a christian that had the right to question my morals and ethics, I have more than most of them do.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I have bookmarked yours now and will be back to browse your posts later today. Hope you're having a good Sunday!



  3. Bill...This statement got to me "You must be poor and you dress well for a poor person". But I never let it get to me. I thought the lady was nut as I do any person who hangs on any word a minister says


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