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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It Doesn't Matter

 Been a day of making pies. Well like my mother I can make a fairly good pie. But it been a while since I have done any really cooking.
I've told people if you find a crust that works for you, keep it. Well I tried anther pie crust recipe and I've should of use my old stand by.

The pies I made for Thanksgiving is a pecan and pumpkin cheese cake, crust on cheese cake I use ginger snaps. Thought ginger and pumpkin would compliment each other.
As for eating with common sense was a little more difficult. I cook by tasting and couldn't tell you how many spoonful I had today.
The good thing I had more water then usual. For healthy snack I had an apple.
Mange to get a little walk around the place. Also help Murphy carry some birch into the basement, for the wood stove.
At our T.O.P.S the time before our resent meeting. Instead of doing a gift exchange we were going to each bring in some item that would keep a person warm.
We use to have a tree of warmth, put on by our local newspaper.
Well there not doing it anymore.
A few ideal was toss out on the table where we could possible donated this year for the holidays.
One of our member who is founding lady of a local charity. Some Greek word I believe meaning "Helping heart to hand"
She told us her group was sponsoring a family that was in need. I didn't mine her telling us there ages, sex and etc.
So if the group decided to help out family we would have some ideal what there needs may be.
But when she said "There a good Christian family" Question time....why do we need to know certain things such as there faith, income, race, ethnicity, political party, organization or sexual orientation. 
There a need. It isn't for us to ask about personal things. But to give hand up instead of a slap down regardless who or what they may be.
If a devil worshiper or Nazi was out of food. I would bring them something to eat, and I would also a Christian or Buddhist

I just messenger Liz and I start our local pagan group, Spairfitera.  I thought it would be a good ideal of doing some community project, in 2016.
So I thought I would say something like this....I thought it would be an good ideal for a little group  "Spairfitera" possibly be thinking of  doing some community project, in 2016. 
And table it because of the yule season.
I do have two ideals for a community projects. First one is to help each month some other local organization pulling resource together.
My other one find a individual  family or person in our local community and help them out.
I can come up with three families and one individual.

 This is my third Great Aunt "Anna Sophia Muench" her and parents Mathew and Maria Schwell came over to America from around Frankfurt Germany. 
Her brother William and or Fredrick Muench was my 2nd great grand father.
When I first saw the photo. First thing I notice was her nose. Just like my mom and quite a few of her siblings, then notice the rose and her home in Kansas.
First thing Murphy notice is how bitter she looked about life.
 Heading down to Spokane to and have Thanksgiving with Barts in laws. So I won't be posting until either Friday or Saturday.

 Coffee is on


  1. Have a great day.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! BTW, my favorite American pie is blueberry... ;b

  3. I like how the pies are opposites of each other: light with a dark crust, dark with a light crust. It's very pleasing!


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