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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Every Family Needs Them

The last few days been some what busy, and today we had a birthday party for my Uncle Melvin turn 90 on Monday.
They also have a first cousin who just turn 85 or 86. Todd. Since we were celebrating Uncle Melvin thought we would celebrate Todd birthday.
Todd two daughters and grand daughter drove up from the north side of Spokane.

The first part of luncheon was a family potluck and afterwards was an open house. I brought and cauliflower and garbanzo beans curry salad.
One reason I brought that to the dinner. Some of them don't like anything out of line. Different is bad or some time scary.
But, me personal. I like to rock the boat a bit. Confession time...I've rocked a few times a little to hard.
Question time....I wonder if any of the rest of them, discuss who has mental issues....I know I do and even wonder what my mental state is like.
Some of them sure seems to brag or lot of time...about how great a fisher or hunter one is. My cousin Laim one time made this statement..."I got 6 wolves" that a pretty dumb statement to make. Wolves hunting is pretty regulated. If we got them many wolves he would be in federal prison.
Lot of them makes up stories. Nothing so far I know of would hurt anyone.
What else they seem to brag about is what there material items. Like four Wheeler, boats, snow mobile and etc. Expensive toys that must of them are horrible in debt. They put on act like they have plenty  I know quite a few of them if they lost or got laid off they would be in world of hurt. One pay check away form being sitting on curb.
Or they need approval of some kind.
Actual this was pretty small family event, considering how many relatives they are.

I've been doing a little deeper cleaning so I can get ready to put up my yule items. Today I clean off the couch and start on the coffee table.

As for eating I did ok. Breakfast link sausage and pancake. Lunch I ate the family potluck. Five items which I've done before when I attend a potluck type of event.
I was only going have a small piece of cake and ice cream, which I did. But ended up having one snickerdoodle cookie.
When I got home I end up having a small slice of cheese and maybe dozen or so peanuts.
Before dinner an apple which doesn't have much flavor. Finished up with some Turkey soup.

Coffee is on


  1. Double birthday parties are always fun :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your family members!!

  3. My family will be celebrating a couple of milestone birthdays in December and January. Hopefully my husband's aunt will reach her 104th birthday. Ah, family, source of joy and pain....Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. When we cleared out my mother's cedar chest to send it to a granddaughter, we discovered she had saved only handmade baby clothes received as gifts from the family. We repacked them and sent them on with the chest, to the joy of the granddaughter who now cherishes these tokens of love made by great-great aunts and grandmothers. Your baby's cap, hand-knitted, will be treasured!


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