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Monday, October 12, 2015

Tired And Not Finished

        It was a long day at work today. This morning I went over to Regis and then just before noon I went to Carrie.
She had two appointments back to back in Sandpoint.
As she was in pool therapy I went over and checked out THE COTTAGE HOME AND GARDEN. Some one told me to check out there craft room.
I will come back at a later date when money is more available. I over spent in last week or so.

     As for eating a piece of french toast with peanut butter, and huckleberry jelly. Lunch that I pack consist of a banana, chicken leg, and kohlrabi. I like to take four items in my lunch so after Carrie appointment her and I stop in at Super one deli. I had 1/4 pound of mac and cheese. Also had there twenty five cent ice cream cone.
Dinner a a four inch square slice of pizza and nice green salad.
As when I was at Regis I had 6 pieces of candy corn.

Tuesday morning is my weigh in for T.O.P.S and we are to bring clothes fashion if we got down to our final goal weight.
I know I one thing I would want to wear is regular jeans with zipper in front.

                                                               Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    just came by to see if you got it fixed.

  2. Hi Peppy Dora - you said coffee was on when you u visited my bird blog! So I came for a cup. I read your first post and when time permits I'll be back for another visit. My dad lived out his last year of life in Northern Idaho - Old Towne I believe ....he had moved there from Tombstone Arizona with his lady partner.

  3. I found some 400 calorie cookies, maybe they will help me gain some weight.


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