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Monday, October 05, 2015

Something Simple

   It been a while since I stop over at my Aunt Eve place. After posting the question why I get so pissed at being lied to.
Well someone gave me an answer that made since...I was made at my self for being so gullible and felt like fool. So fool me once your the fool....Fool me twice I'm the fool. It quite simple I won't every work for her again.
     She gave me a few quilt books. I haven't every made a quilt. And I want to make a quilt for my grand child end of March or first of April.

    Got package off to my secret sister in New York. These are two of the items I put in. The Halloween wall hanging I got out of a thrift store for fifty cents. The mask I got last year some place.
I try to send seven or so small items

      Got mix feeling on a triple crochet stitch for a dish cloth. What I like it super flexible but the surface area I think I would like more.
Well these right now are for my daughter in laws.

     Murphy mention a short time ago that our dish clothes was getting pretty ratty looking. So I been use up cotton yarn
     Got started back cutting strips on rag rug I want to do for Bart and Molly. Still have three colors to do.

Put some form insulation around  Which went real easy and now we're putting on siding now. It a two person job.
So I help before I head to work and after I get home.

Not sure how well I will do in my weight lost. Been plenty busy but haven't got in hardly any walking. Still not eating after seven in evening.

Carrie started her pool therapy. Murphy dug a bunch of produce and I took it to our local food bank. Also got Sawyer Birthday gift sent off, a little late and costly to send. It was odd shape. Oh hell I should tell you what it is...I bought at thrift store a blue print plan for an airplane. Bought a tube to ship it in. That was free, $25 to ship it.

                                                      Coffee is on


  1. Quilting is a lot of fun and if you pick an easy pattern you can really make a quilt in a night, I did it with my little sister, we each made one and it went so quick I couldn't believe it. I think it's cool that you give to the food banks. I used to do that too when I had a garden, I think it was called, "Grow A Row For Idaho." :)

  2. I want to learn to quilt...but find myself shying away. I think it is the thought of not completing it. Cute gifts for the secret sis. Like that you are giving to a food bank. Sounds like you are keeping busy making and giving to others. Puts a smile on your face doesn't it?! My creative juices are working up to get started. Have a few ideas written down.

  3. Peppy, you tickled me with your story of the inexpensive gift that cost $25 to ship. I buy used books for gift-giving to friends and relatives and often find that the shipping costs are double the price of the gift!

    Bless you and Murphy for contributing produce to a food bank. At this time of year our local pantries beg for bags of apples. An apple and a chunk of 'surplus' cheese make a good lunch!


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