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Monday, October 19, 2015

Eleven Twelve Dig and Delve

Once I got done eating dinner I went straight down stair. I'll be weighing at our local T.O.P.S group and I want the scale to weigh less the 211.25.
Dinner was a basic cheese burger and small amount of oven fries. Lunch still four items, radishes and apple which covered a fruit and veggies.
Also had a half of peanut butter and huckleberry jelly sandwich and cottage cheese.
Breakfast a pancake with peanut butter and jelly. and strip and half of bacon.
A few peanuts not a half a cup.

 I sure didn't want to sound like I was coming across like as I'm ANGRY ABOUT HOW MY CERAMIC SHOP WAS RAN. If I was to be angry at anyone it letting people get away with a free ride. I believe good ground rules keeps thing in line.
Since it in my home and one of us, Murphy or I is around the place. We would be happy to let someone stop in and look around at the ceramics.
As for projects. Murphy cut down 2 birch and black cherry trees. They will be made into fire wood. The cherry tree had some type of fungus and the birches need to be thin out.
Still got a few birches left to come down.
Before I went off to work I clear brush and when I got off work I haul one load of small rounds of birch in our basement.
As for my projects. I got the last ball of print fabric sewn together and roll up in a ball. Now I need to sew the red fabric together.
Got a small amount done in basement toward the ceramic shop. We haul three boxes of paper and things of that nature, from the shed out on the north bench property.
Ended up with a small box of items that will be heading to one of our local thrift store. A few boxes  that is broken down and it will be recycled, and two plastic leaf bags that can still be used.
I thought they would be a lot more loose papers to be placed in recycled. Actual there was some paper that will need to be burn or shredded up.
I place what I would be interested in keeping or possibly in a plastic garbage sack. I need to go though it again.
  I usual don't use people real name unless there passed. Bart (fake name) one of his friend he went to school had a baby girl "Ruby" (real name) and I keep hearing in my mind.

Coffee is on.


  1. Sounds like you had a full day.

  2. Life has plenty of options and choices along the way. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. You might be better off with a baked potato than oven fries. I've learned to put all kinds of odd things on my baked potatoes. The latest round had been pepper hummus. It's really good and not bad for the fat grams.


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