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Friday, October 02, 2015

Dinner I Over Did It

   Murphy bought a roast beef and don't recall last time I had one. Instead of getting a small plate down. I used a dinner size one. Had some zucchini, a cap full of pomegranate dressing, bake potato with butter and yes a good slice of meat.
Lunch bowl of chili. Statement time...it was way to salty. add a little grated cheese and tomotillos to it.
Breakfast was BLT sandwich.
Snack on some cheese and cheerios with raisin and banana.

One of my T.O.P.S lady gave me some crab apples. I got them in our fridge sitting in brine. Before I head to work I'll can them up in pints.
My mom always did up a few quarts of pickled crab apples. I recall eating them during the winter holidays.

I bitched about my Aunt Eve. I have major issue when some one lies and cons me. Confession time...At time I'm a stupid and gullible person, and I never notice how my Aunt really is.
Can't change the past but now. It was a life lesson and I know she a con.
But the sad thing is that she bought her grand niece and nephew Estella and Basil a trailer. There always been a catch when my Aunt does anything, I don't see my Aunt doing anything just for kindness, unless it going to benefit her.

Clean up in garden today. Pull up peppers plants and hung them to dry. Harvest a little more tomatoes.
Pull up tomotillos and fennel plants.

                                            Coffee is on


  1. I generally use a salad plate for my regular plate. The weird thing is that the whole rest of the family started doing it, too. I never said anyone else had to, just that I needed a way to keep from eating too much.

    The trailer thing made me think of a music video in which someone paid off a debt with a stolen trailer.

  2. I often use paper plates.


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