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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Depends On What Empty

It been a while since I post on my blog. Today it was weigh in at my local T.O.P.S group and last two times I was up.
I been feeling a little over whelm.
Breakfast I toss five mm in my steel cut oats, and add a banana.
Lunch Murphy packed it. But I like cheese and apple together.
Dinner isn't made yet but I see I need to go back to the smaller plates.

Murphy and I went over to North Spokane and picked up some marijuana. Question time....I wonder how many people from North Idaho is going over?
But what gets to me that it always lately in the middle of the week. I would like to stop by and see Bart and Molly.

Last night our local pagan group SPAIRFITERA had there monthly gathering, We all brought our tarot cards and shared them.
So for a while in our group we're going though the entire tarot deck. five at time starting with MAJOR ARCANA.

Still slow doing my crafts and pick up in the basement.

                                                  Coffee is on

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