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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pleased As Pie

     Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S group. I was down three quarter of pound. Had my fingers cross that I was only going to be up pound and half only. I lost three consecutive weight lost. Couldn't tell you what my weight is.
Our local group is running a "personal goal" til right before Thanksgiving. Each member sign a piece of paper saying...Mine said...."I peppylady will loose 6 pounds or more by November 24, 2015" Those who meet there goal get there name in a drawing for the pot of cash. Each of us had to put in five bucks.

    I thought I would post some photo of my walk and I share my day. I was the only one in our group who lost weight this week. I got the weekly award that we pass around to who lost the most weight for week.
Confession time...I felt embarrassed for loosing the most weight week and getting the award. I'm working on worthy of receive an award.

When I was in third grade...I got 100% on a social study test. The teacher said I was not that bright that I had to cheat to get that grade...So I was sent to the principle office. Gave a speech to me about cheating....I went back to the class room....Well when I got to my parents home soon as walk in the door. I got whipping with a belt...From that day forward I usual on propose missed 1 to 5 question on any test or quiz I did.

    Eating was on track today. Breakfast steel cut oats with raisin and banana. Lunch once again my four items, candy bar, yogurt, gram cracker, and Kohlrabi. Dinner was a little more heavier, thin cut pork chops, mash potatoes with mushroom gravy, and home can green beans.

    Work went well today. Took the COLORAMA BOOKS in. When I saw the television  add when you order the $12.99 they was including crayons, and markers. The only thing we receive is colored pencils.

     Help Murphy up grade the window around our place. Put different windows for our kitchen and bedroom.
Now our kitchen window opens.
Pull some siding down from our shed/barn roof. So we can put on the siding in front of our place.

    I believe it was Tuesday  I got all my cool and fun items from my secret sisters. Who lives in  MARION OHIO and BELLEVILLE Michigan

                                Coffee is on


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. I am sorry you were treated like that as a kid The grade should have been celebrated, not punished. You did good.hugs..

  2. That story made me so sad. Who would punish a kid for doing well? Lame people.

    Way to go on winning the weight loss award! I'd like to do that too...but I suppose I'd have to actually get out and exercise. (Having a baby can make stepping out the door like climbing Mount Everest.)

  3. Thanks for the pictures, I miss that country at times and question why I moved to Texas.

    The doctor this morning said I'm in surprisingly good health for a man my age (that still whacks off once a week), guess I'm just fucking blessed. :-)

    I am down to 131 pounds and need to eat more to gain some weight.

  4. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Congratulations on your weight loss Peppy! It's always a big deal and you ARE worthy! Throw those old tapes from school away. What did that teacher know anyway? >.< Makes me mad that you had to experience that. - Love the pics of your walk. I'm going to take a walk around the city and post some pics too. :)


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