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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I'll Just Keep It Safe

     Weigh in at T.O.P.S this morning and I was the only one lost weight. An entire half pound. On the T..O.P.S scale I weighed in at 214.50 pounds.
Actual my goal was to be at 214.25. But I did loose.

Went of a walk and thought I would post photo randomly around.

Before weight lost support group I put a few of our local earth base fliers. We're having coffee and chat. This up coming Sunday at one in afternoon.
As for breakfast I had a bowl of cooked steel cut oats with no milk, raisin, and sliced pears. The grey building is Eagle club. I was standing between Mountain West bank and Riverside Auto Sale....This place listen to Rush Limbaugh. It was loud enough I could here it as I was taking my walk.

After my meeting I went and had coffee with Qunella and after my walk I ran into my cousin Ashley and we haven't visited.
Nothing important was talk about. Her brother Randy is in Idaho state penitentiary and she is still up sit with him. Because of his crap he pulled that there parents lost everything...Randy scam his family or they wouldn't pull there head out of the sand.
Confession time...I use to think it was awful when someone wouldn't forgive anther person. Well I have to say I haven't truly forgave my Aunt Eve over the 1099.
So I guess Ashley has every right not to forgive her brother.
I'm not even sure if I even forgave my brother in law Earl. So glad he lives in Wyoming. Statement time....I can't stand a lair and or a scammer.  Usual they go hand and hand. I never knew my brother in law Earl to be a scammer.
But  my Aunt Eve, and Cousin Randy are both scammers and lairs.
This sign been like this for ages. The road goes to local fairgrounds and tracks above belong to the union pacific railroad.

Last leg of the walk before I headed back. I was in the fairground parking lot and got picture of the grainier
For lunch I had some fish, cottage cheese with strawberry, artichoke, and banana.
When I got home I had some broke up cookies that I bag up for a snack.  Dinner was a ground beef patty, a little bit of oven fries, and nice green salad with pomegranate dressing.

 Worked at Regis today. It been so nice and quite with out Pasty, no drama. We went to liberty gas station and he got his self some rolling papers, Then we went over over to the community thrift store. I even found my self two skirts, and a blouse, usual I have a hard time finding tops to fit correctly. Since I'm so big in bust, cup size H and not all that big in the shoulders. Finding tops can be a real pain. And also found an purple scarf.

I was going to post something on labor and workers. But hopeful tomorrow I can get the chance to. I don't start work until later in the day.
Carrie needs to be down in Sandpoint at 4:30 in the afternoon tomorrow.

                                                                       Coffee is on 

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