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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do I Sound Angry About Working

Before I actual move on about the working as I see it present time. I usual blog when I get home from work.
Today I'm going start work around 1:30 this afternoon or so. One of my client has an doctor appointment in Sandpoint at 4:30.
So as for eating breakfast some eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Lunch will be 4 items and it will be eaten here. Dinner not all that healthy I'll be having Pizza simple because unknown time I will be home. We can always add a salad with it. Plenty of greens from the gardens still.

I was getting out of high school when RONALD REAGAN got into office. I can recall him on television holding up a news paper pointing to the want ads, saying "There plenty of work" But I don't recall him every mention about the wages any of these jobs paid. Well Reagan start to break down the MIDDLE CLASS.
I found out Idaho, it middle class is between $31,189 to $93,566 dollars. I know only a few retires that makes that income, but they sure didn't earn it here. Usual they had a union job and move here later.
I got out the calculator and my average wage is 11.78 an hour. So if I actual worked a 40 hour week I would make in a year is $22,617 and I never figure the taxes out.
Well with Reagan breaking up UNIONS is down fall of the middle class.

In the early 80's LOUISIANA PACIFIC a local sawmill located in Moyie Spring went on strike. Long story short, union got broke.
In early 80's a mill worker made around $10.00 an hour. I know a mill worker now is making $12.00 with no benefits such as health insurance or retirement. Basic math tells me that not even a dime in wage increase per year.
I know. Who are still stupid is the "far right thinking". At that time thought was getting rid of the union, and the employees would be treated fairly.

Now the big thing here is contract, freelance, and 1099 workers. When I use these terms it doesn't mean your sitting your own wage or what your willing to do a job for.
Actual an employer can hire you at minimum wage of $7.25. It might sound all good working with out paying taxes.
At the end of the year you have to pay both end of social security  which is 15.3% and actual if there only going to pay you minimum wage you would actual be making $6.14 and hour. Well, then there possible both state and federal income taxes.
Recently a friend of friend of mind got hired as a temporary worker though a temp agency. Guess what she got injured. Boxes fell on her, and no one responsible for her getting hurt on the job. "Honey there no workman comp" so something like this your choices is to sue the hell of the company. If injury is so bad hope you have enough hours and made enough money, in your working life time, That you can draw SSD at a decent monthly check.
On my job I'm a contract worker and working under a schedule K-1 form 1065.

Last few years I've done in home care and so many ways it a joke. This is how in home care work if your low income. You make a request for a medicaid nurse come to your home to see if you could use any "In home care"
They ask you such question as "Do you have any mobility deceive" "Can you stand and cook" "Are you eating" and so forth.
They have a scoring system and every unit here in Idaho is worth 15 minutes. And usual the nurse comes up with a fair amount of hours to take care of the people needs.
What hurt both client and care giver if some one who needs care and mileage isn't considered. There people who lives so far out. One needs to drive well over 20 miles and they only get 2 hours a week.
Who in there right mind is going to drive 20 miles and not even make $20.
Confession time....This is worst part of my job...it not set up to actual help the clients get better....I'm actual keep or add hours to my job if my client deteriorate or stay the same...
The in home agency coaches us what to do during the yearly visit with the medicaid nurse. Have no friends or family in that day, so looks like they have no other support that day. Don't get up during the interview and ask your caregiver for something, so the nurse can see your helpless. If you need to get up and go to the bathroom, use your mobility device and make sure you don't walk normal. And last one I can think of. If you have a diabetic client make sure there numbers average out a little on the high side, last six weeks before the interview.
 The agency are paid though medicaid and funded by taxes. There no control of what the agency pays the "field workers" Last time I heard the agency in Idaho get a little over $20 and hour per client and some only pays out $7.25. But most agency around here pays between $8.00 and $8.50 and hour.
I won't go much into it because I under stand there some changes coming, on over time pay. Once your assign your hours, and you if you go over your assign hours you don't get paid. But if your done early, but they won't pay you up to your assign hours.

I haven't figure why the United States doesn't have better exploitation laws for labor. CEO wages continues to raise. As for there employees it pretty much becomes less or stagnate.
Not picking on Wal mart but it pretty bad when some goes to work and gets FOOD STAMPS. And you know there CEO of wal mart makes well over 500 times (#7 on list) more then there employers.

There a few things need to be done....Don't support business or try not to purchase anything from business who exploit there workers. Know C.E.O needs be making over 125 times there employees base pay. So if a company is willing to pay there employee minimum wage of $7.25 and hour. The C.E.O shouldn't be making more then $906.25 an hour. .I understand most place like this hires more then one employees
Crap, how many jets does one CEO needs.
I buy very little out of Wal mart simple because of them exploiting there workers.
Bitch and complain about employers who are exploiting others. By posting on social media. Vote for candidates who policy benefits labor.

If you think letting the free market or out of control Capitalism is going to play fair. I got news for you....If you think peanuts being toss to you is hard life. Forget that they'll be tossing you crumbs and some floor dusting. And we all be living in OLIGARCHY and counting our blessing for a few crumbs.

Do any of your really want this?

                                                              Coffee is on


  1. Pizza is good for the soul.

    I think Walmart pays better than Dollar stores do and if you can make it to a low level department manager position you can do pretty decent.

  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    This country needs a LIVING wage, NOT minimum wage! I get that the cost of things and making things goes up, well, our wages should sorta' keep up with that don't ya' think, otherwise how is a person to survive??


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