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Friday, September 04, 2015

A Self Discovery

        I thought I could handle every type of human life on this earth. Confession time...I just can't handle self center bigotry.
I honestly like Pasty until she said she was a WHITE SUPREMACY and her dad was member of KU KLUX KLAN at first I thought she was trying to shock me. 
But after talking to Regis and he confirm that she was quite prejudice. Actual she said she would disown any of her children if they married in the negro race.
She applied for "In Home Care" At this time she down in Utah, doing who knows what. But if she misses her interview with Medicaid nurse. She will have to reply from the start and she tends not to take care of business and procrastinate big time.
I look at this people as "Mean Spirited" Sometime ago and woman order and wouldn't have a BLACK PERSON  delivery her goods.
I thought what narrow minded bitch. Hell the only reason I don't want to work for Pasty because she a "White Supremacy" 

      There was a little bit of bit between clients. So I got a walk in around down town Bonners Ferry. Eating went ok. Breakfast was 2 of links, eggs, and toast, whole grain. Lunch I pack 3 items thought of being home fairly early. I took one full gram crackers, banana, and yogurt. But when I got home I had bowl of beef stew.
Dinner was green beans, bake potato with ricotta cheese, and barbecue pork.
Nipped on some grapes today.

Lobar day weekend is here. I thought and going to try to get out two letters each day. Total 8 letters. Today I receive 3 letters. But two of them had a little extra in them. A friendship book and one had a Slam in it. Which is my first time receive one. It was on "fish" one of the question was "What is last fish you ate"
                                                Coffee is on

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