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Sunday, September 27, 2015

6 Week To The Last Harvest

      For us Pagan we just celebrate our second harvest and there one more to go. SAMHAIN will be our last harvest season. It time to finish up and place the garden and mother earth to her long winter nap.
Yesterday our local pagan group, Spairfitrea had a celebration of MABON. A ritual giving Thanks to our crops, and our friends.
Also did a mediation using a black bird changing into a human form.
There was nine who all broke bread and two well behave puppy dogs.

       Murphy and I kept busy on the home front. We finely got the outside ledge put on. Actual it was well plan out. For most of project it went quite smoothly. Next steps are to put on the rest of the siding and paint it brown.
We starting to get pretty good putting on window wrap and now we won't use it until the windows on the back side of the house is replace.

     Murphy and I went out and picked some of the green tomatoes. I would like to try to make some PICKLED GREEN TOMATOES.
When I was young my mom always made PICKLED CRAB APPLES. Not a lot of them. On special occasion we would open a quart jar of pickled crab apples.
So someone gave me some and I want to try canning some up in pints.
Covering a bit of then garden. Peppers and Tomatoes only. "The ghost are on look out in our garden". Forgot to mention the celery.

Someone adopted us. We haven't yet decided on a name. Not sure if it a boy or girl. I was calling it Larry. But like I said we're not sure the sex.
I been thinking calling it boots, socks, Tux or a foreign word for cat.

     Mabon I mess up but haven't done worst at other celebration. Forgot my rule of 5 when I go out and eat.
Breakfast was scrambled eggs and these potato bar things. Lunch my four items let see if I can recall them. Cereal Murphy doesn't like, banana, slice of cheese, and my brain isn't bring up the fourth items.
Afternoon snack was half of Minnesota midge melon. Dinner was a ground beef  patty, beets from the garden, rice with soy sauce. and small artichoke.
It wouldn't be honest not to mention the plain popcorn I had just after eating my melon.

      Just finish up anther set of two crochet dish clothes. These are turquoise.

                                                                      Coffee is on


  1. Punts like an interesting day!

  2. Thank you for this glimpse into your life. We neglected our garden this year - it is done. As for the plain popcorn, it is not a bad food at all - it's one of the better snacks a person can have. Alana - ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  3. Visiting from NaBloPoMo. I went to a Mabon celebration in one of the canyons east of Salt Lake City some years ago. Don't remember a whole lot but someone passed around a pomegranate. Also was a guest at the Samhain celebration for the same group that year. Very nice group there.

  4. did the super moon and eclipse play a part in your celebration?

    i'll cast my vote for "boots"


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