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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Yellow Mellow

        Murphy and I drove over to Washington to buy some marijuana. I'm not much of smoker. I end up with the munchies. Trying to loose weight that one burden I don't need hanging around.
But later on I believe I'll get some oils and make some edibles. It seem more friendly for me. The shops in Washington.
3 vehicle from Alberta pulled in.
Opinion time....In next four years it will be legal in all states or lease decriminalized. But I Idaho will be one of the last five state to legalize it....
     On the way down. We stop in at Ben Franklin in Old Town. I found the canary yellow that I been looking for, and now I can finish the dish cloth I started.
The other yarn I'm giving to my friend Alice.
Got anther fabric ball crochet on. It starting to curl up and when you do two single crochet stitches in one spot it should make it lay flat.
But I tend to make my crochet stitches a little on the tight side.
Or it could be a little bit of both. I'll take it in to Alice since she been doing them for years.

Picked green beans today for dinner. I believe I did ok when it come to sensible eating. On the way to Spokane on the way back.
Murphy and I stop in Newport Safeway and had one of there burrito out of the deli.
Breakfast was bowl of hot cereal with sunflower seeds, protein keeps me satisfy longer. Then for a fruit I had a banana.
My other two meals I had on small plates I fired a small ground beef patty, spaghetti squash, and some yellow tomatoes out of the garden.
My stomach didn't bother me as much when I eat bread with my beef patty. But it was more like eating a little rock instead of giant bolder.
Dinner was green beans right out of the garden, oven fries, and chicken leg.

Garden is still going gang buster. I believe Murphy is going to try to can some green beans tomorrow as I'm at work.
Murphy agree with me. That the amount of any one thing we need is between 12 and 24 jars.
One thing we believe we will do different. The winter squash don't need to be grown on an trillis. But with all of our wind.
We're planning to put the tomatoes on a trills next growing season.

Got the letters painted in our 4 yard sale sign. Now I need paint the arrows but I need to located about one inch brush.
I'm looking at quite a bit of stuff I want to get rid of.

I'm a person who likes to keep her word and I promise THE WICCAN LIFE that I was going to post about her MABON GIVE AWAY
Well on my way down to Spokane. We stop at wal mart to return a jug of motor oil. And they had some mums for sale and first thing I thought of was mabon.
I use to have two of each, purple and yellow mums in my royal sunshine flower bed. But all of them died out.

                                Coffee is on


  1. Medical marijuana has been legalized in New York State, where I live. One of the announced dispensaries is going to be a little more than a mile from my house. A site under consideration for growing it (indoors, of course) is less than a mile from my house. It was a warehouse which was abandoned in a 2011 flood and I question the wisdom of putting this farm in a flood zone - but maybe the plants wouldn't care. A person who, shall we say, knows something about growing this told me people joke about applying for jobs at the growing place but it will actually be very hard, smelly work. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. Many thanks, Dora! I, too, love to crochet. My grandmother actually taught me years ago. I have a couple of unfinished projects started and have yet to get to. :)

  3. the last time i checked medical pot was pretty pricey in washington. it goes on sale here for around $5 gram with regular prices in the $7 -$10 gram. how much did you pay?

  4. Book worm...The state of Washington has recreational marijuana. It hasn't been quite 2 years since they legalized it.

    Lady Monganna...I started crocheting as middle age crone.

    Billy. I couldn't tell you what it sell for a gram. I'll have to ask my husband. I get a kick out of the product names. I know once goes for $200.00


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