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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Trying to justifying my fat

        I just adore the .25¢ ice cream cone over at super one. Question time....Now I wondering to my self if I adore the cone or how cheap they are.
It seems I'm always justifying to my self. “Go head have cone it only a quarter and this time I skip having one.
I got everything on list and called home to ask my husband if he could think of anything we could use or need.
He said breakfast meat and benadryl.
I keep walking by the gram crackers and remember how much I love to break up gram crackers in bowl and put milk over them.

Maybe later on I will get some. But we have crackers in our freezer. One of the foods I want to try is SUNFLOWER BUTTER 
Today like yesterday I had some ups and downs....Breakfast a pancake with rice syrup flavored like strawberries and peanut butter. One slice of bacon.
Around 10 or so I decided I want some raisin bran. I wasn't hungry or bored I just want some. But I was sewing fabric strips together and decided I would wait until 10:30.
So I had a bowl of raisin bran and a slice banana.
Lunch wasn't much an cold chicken leg, and one piece of fried okra.
As I was at Super One I bought some green grapes and I ate some on the way home.
Lemon Yogurt for mid day snack. Confession time...what I real want was big gooey cinnamon roll.
Husband plan dinner and I had to work around it. Ground beef patties. I don't know what it is but beef and bread remind my stomach of “glue ball”
No salt on my beef patty instead I put on zesty blend, For a starch there was oven fries, and green salad.
The first two items I put on my small plate was an beef patty, salad, and then the fries. That way I only end up with ¼ to ½ cup of fries.
A little lime juice on my salad. 1 tablespoon of mayo which had lease amount of sodium. That was for my fries and meat. Plus I end up with a little left over mayo.
Soon as I'm done eating I get up and do something. Confession time....I'm so afraid that I will go back for second. So I worked on a red dish cloth I've just started crocheting.

       Super hot day. Got paid and the paying bills just start over again.
Things in the garden is real going gang buster.

        I'm limiting my self on my activity on facebook for the entire month of August I'm playing the few games I do play. I start anther one called ALPHA BETTY I'll wish those having birthdays a birthday greeting. But no comment, likes or shares.
It early in this facebook break and when someone post something stupid and you want to make snide remark and you promised your self you wouldn't.

                                                 Coffee is on

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