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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life Would Be Life With Those Opps

Darn Camera or should I say dam computer. I complete the balls of fabric and is ready to start my rag rug.
I'll take the photos again and hopeful with better luck.

Yesterday I couldn't for the life of me recall what I had for breakfast. I had an meat pie, sausage and gravy.
Well today I keep it pretty much under control.
Since I weight in. My breakfast raspberry yogurt. Remember my rule of thumb for lunch is four items.
It was cottage cheese with blue berries, multi grain with flax toast with peanut butter, a thin slice of pork chop left over from dinner.
I was going to make to have a bowl of hot cereal, quinoa with flax seeds. Also slice a pear which was mark down to .69¢ a pound.
But my husband thought we should go and get my car, it been at the transmission place. Instead of my cereal for that 3 O' clock snack.
I ate an Kind bar.
Dinner I had burrito with chizo and lots of veggies. Just a short time ago I made some plain aired popped corn.

As for my car we found out what wrong. Getting the parts is the issue now. There not expensive but seem to be hard to located.
Main shaft and counter shaft sensors for the transmission is what I need.

Coffee is on

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