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Friday, August 14, 2015

Just Done Right

      Yesterday in my post I didn't post all what I ate. This morning a pancake with peanut butter and strawberry syrup, made with rice syrup base.
I found a different way of making pancake and haven't yet tried it, Ricotta Pancake
I only took 3 items in my lunch, can of sardine, lemon yogurt, and banana. I was planning to stop by super one for an ice cream cone. I figure after Carrie Throat procedure for a short time she would be on soft food.
And ice cream fit just right.
Dinner was beef patty with shallots mixed in, oven fries, bake okra. For not being a southern gal I'm real taking a liking to okra, and green beans.
Eating before five seem not work for me. By or shortly after seven I feel hungry. Even time starving.

     Well everything went well with the procedure. As she has in having it done. I took care of some small errands.
Got a jug of 5/20 oil for the pick up. At wal mart for under $30.00. I went and look for some other items. But some how I miss place my list in my purse.
I had to take in some paper work to health and welfare for my subsidize health care. I didn't get it all together. I need my July 2nd pay check. But I did mange to get the rest in.
Opinion time....I think we should have a one payer system and make it part of medicare. I believe we should pay 1% to 5 % of our income for health insurance. Healthier choice you make it should be less. I should pay a higher rate because I'm over weight. People who smokes and it doesn't matter what should pay higher rate also.
I had plan to read and write to three of my pen pals. Mange to write but forgot my book.

                                                          Coffee is on

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