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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Was Please

           I'm back to normal for me when comes to digestion. When I weigh in for our T.O.P.S I was under 215 (97.5) and it downward for me. My goal this year is to be under 200 pounds. I need to loose a hair over 12 ounce a week (0.05)
When I drop four pounds I will make my own personal mile stone. I'm getting my ears re-pierced. 

Breakfast was 2 strips of bacon, and some potatoes. Held off the eggs. After T.O.P.S I meant my friend Qunella over at Under the sun and had one of there fancy coffee. Don't recall the type I had. I know it was full of calories, but I need to be honest it sure was good.
Lunch was when I got home a little before noon. I ate a 6 ounce cup of rice pudding and Murphy re heated up the chicken noodle soup. He made the other day.
Then for dinner we had spaghetti. Instead of noodles we use an spaghetti squash. Sauce of it with ground beef.
Soon as I'm done eating I run away from the table as fast as I can. I don't want to chance over eating.
I still have some time left to eat. If I get hungry I'll do up some plain pop corn.

Our contest is coming to and end. I believe a lot want to take a break from it. But possible want to start one later on.
I need some type of structure, when it comes to loosing weight.

         Today Murphy and I went to Sandpoint and picked up the two windows for the bedroom on the west side of the place.
Not sure if we will be able to get the deck done or not. That will depend on the weather. 

         Yesterday evening we had our gathering of our local, pagan group SPAIRFITERA. The main topic for discussion was on "Pendulums" everyone brought one I believe. Personal I don't have one.
But I want to get my self an pagan symbolical to wear. I did contribute a little I shared   
an spirit board or a pendulum board.
Next month discussion will be on astrology. Confession time....I took at astrology and how we human work in this world.
Ok I'm off beat but I think that astrology and psychiatry  sort of go hand and hand.
Couple of items coming up. Saturday the 29th at ZERO POINT there offering and a crystal healing class. We're hoping to car pool down.
Then our full moon drumming will take place. I believe around seven that evening. As for where we will be drumming it still up in the air. Couple of thoughts where it might be.
We been meeting at chic n chop the first Sunday after the new moon. Not sure if it time or place, maybe it combo of both. But we haven't had much luck with bring pagans out of the broom closet.
But Our next gathering will be Sunday September 13 at 10 AM, and the ideal of having it at Super One deli.
Coffee is a lot cheaper there.
Then our next main holiday or we pagan call MABON and still unknown place to have it. We had our LITHIA at Smith Lake. Opinion time....With a little better organization we could have a better turn out. I believe that is main reason our summer solstice would of better attended.
I have no trouble of having an gathering up at Smith Lake but it heading toward winter and my thought is always on the weather.

                                                                        Coffee is on 

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