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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Every One Has Emotional Scares From Childhood...Here Is One Of Mine

I was quite thrilled that Liz wasn't taking a break from Spairfitera. I was totally almost shit scared that I would have to mange on my own. I was afraid that everyone would walk out of the group.
I have a self confidential problem. Confession time...I don't think I deserve nice things in life.
I can pretty much trace it back to elementary school. I once got the highest score on a test. I was send down to principle office and I was falsely accused of cheating because I was to “stupid” to get such a grade. So of course they called my parents and soon as I walk in the door. I got in massive trouble and even the belt.
Confession time...From that day forward I always answered a few things wrong.
Over time I came to the realizing that I'm a worthy person in so many ways.

Tuesday is our T.O.P.S meeting and I need or want to weigh in at 213.25 or less. Our contest will be over and I'm down from when it started, six weeks ago and now I can be in the drawing.
Not sure what we will do but these mini contest helps us. In next six week I'm working to get my self down to 208.75 or under.
By the first of year I want to be under 200 pounds. My finely goal will be able to wear a size 12.
Not sure what weight that would put me. But I know I wouldn't want to be under 130 pounds.

Actual I did mange to get a little exercise I got on the rolling machine today. As for eating breakfast was two eggs, potatoes, and 2 link sausage. Lunch I tried a new way of grilling a cheese sandwich. Instead of every day cheese. I had some ricotta with a slice tomatoes.
3 clock snack 2 large gram crackers and milk. Dinner consist of 14 fried chicken hears. Half cup of mac and cheese. Stir fry veggies...zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers with garlic.

This morning Murphy and I dehydrated some pears. What left I believe we will can in pints.

I want to also dehydrated some cucumbers and zucchini.

                                                Coffee is on


  1. That is just so awful about the test.
    I have never dehydrated pears - do you just snack on them, then, or use them in a recipe?

  2. of course you deserve the nice things in life. growing a good tomato is one of the nicest things i know of.

  3. Carol...I dehydrated pears, so far I just snack on them.

    Billy P,,,Of course tomato are a great thing


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