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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Close By.

          I'm staying close by, the toilet. I'm getting ready to have an colonoscopy. So far I took my stool softener. Statement time...generally I don't have trouble pooping. Well around four I need to down a bunch of mir lax mix with gatorade.
Well at this point the worst thing been this gnawing headache. Confession time....At this point the only worst thing I can think of would be crapping on my self.
Well the rest of the day I'm on a liquid diet. No red or purples.

         Our bedroom, like most bed room is close to the bathroom. Confession time....My dresser was messy. I won't say it clean either.
I remove all the trash from the top, and all four drawers. There was some clothes I know that don't fit. At a later date in the near future I need to try on some of the clothes in drawers. To see what fit and what doesn't fit.
Found a nighty that doesn't fit my around the boob. Which is quite common for me. And some old bras, cup size way to small. These items are going off to one of our local thrift stores. 

      Murphy been quite busy with odd and end project. He planted a roll, about 12 feet (0.30 Kilometers)
He and I this morning before I start my inside wash down. We went and sand off some paint around the trim for the bedrooms.
Well our artichokes is doing great, but sure aren't big in size. Had one last night for dinner and it was good.
    Plenty of loose change was found in my dresser drawers. Now I need to go though the change. I might not just take it to bank and get them into bills. Just haven't yet made up what I want to. There might be some interesting coins.

                                                                   Coffee is on

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