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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Square Something Or Other

     I always told both my son "Life isn't fair, never has been and never will" but I can say the little we had I've tried my hardest to be fair to others..
Theodore Roosevelt had the ideal all people played by the same rules in life. He called his program the SQUARE DEAL that everyone could have the same opportunity in life.
Didn't matter the back ground you came from. We know that it will never be complete true...My mom always said "The world looks at you depending what side the track you was born on"....If Johnny was born on the good side of the track one would say "Johnny barrow the car" and if Johnny was born on the bad side of the track one would say "Johnny sold the car"
For the little we had Murphy and I tried to give both of son a square deal in life.

       Finish crocheting dish clothes. My stitches are pretty uniform in size.
But my edges one would say there not square to the world.
Just start anther yellow dish cloth. Not sure if I have enough cotton yarn.
Got the yarn form an wood and pellet shop in down town BONNERS FERRY  but they move and not sure were they move to. But if they don't match up perfectly. Personal I won't have any issues with it.
These dish cloth are going to my daughter in laws Betty and Molly.

As I was squaring off fabric for a later date to be cut into strips, that will be use for "Daisy" rag rug. As I was working on this project I watch to TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.
Not sure if you can make it out in this photo.
But there some green fabric with small red flowers. A top of mine which got thin form uses. Murphy always said, how nice I looked in it.
It also became stain.
I still or needed to keep it and that one reason I'm adding it to the rag rug. It would be pretty in a quilt.
    Can't say I been always eating an square meal. I know today Breakfast wouldn't be square maybe a little off center.
Murphy and I was heading up to the North Bench Property to haul 2 pieces of plywood and some roofing tin. Couldn't tell you how many pieces.
Toss, well I shouldn't say "Toss" bricks in the bed of the pick up. Place would be a better word.
Quite a few door wedge was there so they came back with us and house jack.
So we stop at Super one for biscuits and sausage gravy. Murphy had two biscuits and I had one. We split a coffee. It was under $4.00.
Lunch was what I call a clean eating burrito hopeful I can remember what was in it...Clintro, pepper not much heat, RADICCHIO a new vegetable that I've never tried before. And as for fruit bananas and blue berries.
For protein some pumpkin seeds, garbanzo beans and cheese.
Not sure if it because there was no meat in the burrito and it was large enough I didn't fill satisfy. Had ground beef patty and press some dice up shallot in the meat, fries and tomatoes from the garden. That was dinner.
Nibbled on cucumber that been soaking in a brine.

  Garden is doing great. Looks like we going to have plenty of peppers. We are thinking about drying some.
Finish picking the last little bit of the beets. Just going to eat them when every. Thought of canning some but one can purchase them cheap enough at the store.

                                        Coffee is on

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  1. Dishcloths get stained anyway. Who cares if the yarn matches?

    Your garden is gorgeous! I wish mine looked half as god. All I've got going is a monster pumpkin plant.


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