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Thursday, July 02, 2015

So Did We Now Piss Off AH

Dear Cup of Coffee.
      I've been looking though facebook response to the new change with the supreme court here in the United States
My first Cousin Alice made this statement on facebook...Rainbow flags............really!!!#$%^??? Rainbows remind me of God's covenant to never flood/destroy the earth again........but remember next time he will destroy it with fire."God
Well coffee. I don;t under stand three thing I just don't understand why Ah.
If Ah is so against homosexual all knowledge and powerful. If Ah want to destroy us humans before the supreme court made "Gay Marriage" legal. Question time...why didn't ah burn up the world before the supreme court made there ruling before same sex marriage?
Personally coffee "There nothing new under the sun" and I don't believe "Ah" just fail off the turnip wagon.
During the COLD WAR there was race to built nukes. Blog, As both side was build arms (Nukes) to destroy each other by fire. Well I remember hearing people saying...God will destroy the earth by fire because of the godless commies"
One thing I haven't heard from those evilgenitity (evangelical) Christians every mention a possible our earth burning up from "GLOBAL WARMING"
I thought "Ah" would be a good name for "God" personal I don't believe one god can handle the entire Universe.

Been getting my walks in. Today my dear blog. "I ate all three meals clean...which means no white flour or sugar.
Can't say I did it on the snacks. Well Murphy and I went to Super one and got a few items. This time they had more samples out then usual. A cookie cut in half and I had both half's, because they were different types, apple crumb, lemon cake, and piece of sour dough bread. None was very big.
At home I had two apricots which I got from the store.
3 potato chips. I'm not kidding Coffee I only had 3 chips.
Breakfast bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on seeded bread. Lunch was anther sandwich still on seeded bread, a salami sandwich that is.
Dinner barbecue pork ribs, salad, and corn on cob. Left the butter off the corn and dressing off the salad.
I drank more water then usual. But not up to the 64 oz.

All the state around Idaho Marijuana. The other day Oregon now have recreation pot. Not sure were Nevada and Utah stand when it comes to decriminalizing or legalizing the friendly herb.
Well Coffee I look at legalizing weed....Most people I know who use the herb is quite friendly. It not cost effected to put "pot smokers or eaters in the jail". Just think of the tax money both the state and federal government can bring in. Nicotine is legal and marijuana isn't. My self I find that hypercritical
Get this Coffee. 35% of our state population smokes weed. I would guess large percentage goes into Washington and now Oregon legalize it. Idaho dollars will be traveling West.

Looks like Murphette might of found a place to stay. Back over with her daughter Annie. There a little shed that she will be able to stay in.
Coffee I need to tell you something...She bad mouth her mother something awful. I don't know if her mother was all that bad or not. But I believe her mom cause lot of her issues.Like my father cause me issue of feeling like a worthless human. Get this coffee. Her daughter Annie bad mouth her mother like her mother bad mouth her own mother.
What the sad part is Murphette forgot to look in the mirror. Now her own daughter has picked up the custom to bad mouth mom.
Actual I don't like living with people. Might sound a little off.
                                             Good Night...Peppy


  1. I often wonder about those people who are anti-homosexuals whether they have ever knowingly befriended any -- and, also, am pretty sure that many of them know nice people who are homosexual without knowing it.

  2. YTSL...There all sort of people in this world.

  3. Happy fourth of July to you.

    On this supreme court ruling...I can't help but think of the 9th amendment which is part of the bill of rights [AND the constitution] ---the law is already there for anyone of the same sex relations with the 9th...so what's the big deal?!!!! Live and let live.

  4. There has always been gays, but they have been being too noisy and it may backfire on them.

  5. I try to stay away from political and religion subjects. They keep saying Love Wins, I guess everyone deserves to be happy. I wish for peace! Congrats on eating the clean meals. I just have to have sugar in my coffee and it could be slipping with some processed foods. Have a happy 4th of July and a great weekend!

  6. To me the rainbow flag means Rainbow Family Tribe of Living Light. But we won't go there.


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