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Monday, July 06, 2015

Now They Called In Feds To Fight The Fire

It seem Idaho is big on STATES RIGHT and not much on FEDERAL GOVERNMENT involvement. I remember during the governor debate and some of the candidates thought the state could handle any of the wild fires that might come along.
There one south of us burning, BAYVIEW and CAPEHORN FIRE

       this something. Fires are either friend or Foe. This one is right down scary. Our weather is real off kilter now. The weather here now is like and supper hot August.
Last forest fire I watch was the MYRTLE CREEK FIRE which was in 2003. No homes in that area, but it did effect the city of Bonners Ferry water. The city water source is up there and they had to drop tartan from planes to put out the fire.

         Some good some bad. took Carrie down to see her pain doctor. "Boy do I have news, but a little bit I'll post later in this blog.
I want to get posting about my eating. Some good and bad. Confession time...I need to find or figure out how to do lunch. I seem to still struggle some time I need just a meal or a snack, like I thought I would today.
I thought I would of only been in Sandpoint for a short time and back home by one. 
Ended up getting a small shake at burger king. Usual I would of had a medium or large. Dinner I did great. Used a small plate had small about quarter of cup of mac and cheese, thin pork chop and cole slaw.
Breakfast shambled egg with veggies, meat, and cheese.

The other day Murphy and I canned up some pickled beets. We 7 pints. 

Crochet a bit on a yellow dish cloth. Actual it been a while since I worked on any of my crochet project. 
Also work on Daisy rag rug. Just got finish sewing three strips together 2 whites and 1 black.

Some things in are garden is doing good. Those items who loves the heat, but those who aren't so happy with the heat. Not so well.
The area I'm at we get quite a bit of wind. So the other day we put in large steaks to hold up our tomatoes plants.

Better tell you about Carrie and the pain clinic. She been going and most of the shots real haven't been working. She want to tell the doctor "The shots haven't been working and what other option do we have"
I know she has arthritis but when she try to get answers they just dance around the question. She sat in the exam room for an hour and never seen her.
Well she walked out.

       I'm looking into having an MAMMAPLASTY this coming Wednesday after noon I'll be see a doctor about it.



  1. You're the second person on social media to post about pickled beets! Yum!!!
    I need to get some beets to pickle as I didn't grow any this year.

  2. We have never had a pickled beet although the humans grandma used to love them...
    Have a super Tuesday...

    Noodle and crew


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