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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lunch Why Can't I Get It

       Today only thing I'm going to bang my head against the hall is for my lunch. Statement time...I never know how much to take.
So I pack a light lunch. An apple, salami sandwich on whole wheat bread, and these popcorn type of chips. I count out 12 of them. I'm the only one here who lives them.
I thought I was taking Regis and Pasty to Sandpoint. But Pasty ended up babysitting the neighbor kids and told her they would only be gone and hour.
Not sure what happen but it was more then and hour.
I snick out and at the sandwich, my mom always told me it was rude to eat in front of other people.
The two little kids each gave me potato chips, they had 2 bowls and two of the kids gave me a chip a total of four. Confession time...I had three out of the bag.
I've had a lot worst days when it comes to eating.
Evening walk I mange it and only to the first pole. Nothing this morning.

        Been doing some work on my husband Genealogy and it a bit of a mystery. His Grand father Charles say he was born in 1902 but his father James died in 1900.
Back then the only way a person had a child was by sex and I know a dead man can't reproduce offspring.

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  1. I was brought up to believe it was rude to eat in the street. I have to sit at a table and enjoy every mouthful.
    Record keeping was very hit and miss back in the old days, people went by different names and surnames are often mis-spelt. Fun to research, though. x

  2. I found a great place to eat yesterday....


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