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Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Thought I Would of Mess Up Big Time

        Didn't see the sun raise I almost put sun set. We went up to Hills Resort with Paul and Gloria up to HILLS RESORT.
From my home when I'm looking at the SELKIRK MOUNTAINS I'm looking west and from Priest Lake I'm looking east.
I was a little about eating out. Confession time...I do a lot better when I eat at home.
I had the Gyro, meat they use was lamb plenty of lettuce with tomatoes. Sour cream but not over powering and cubed feta cheese.
It seem like all the meal they either came with a side of slaw or fries. I picked the slaw and believe it had no dressing if it did. Or they sure was skimpy on it.
A very satisfying lunch.
Before we left for breakfast we had a bowl of steel cut oats and I thought Murphy was nuts that he want to add fried apples to the cereal. Actual it was pretty good and I add a few raisin to mine.
Dinner it was left over pork ribs a small amount of fries and some veggie like a tomato, kohlrabi and carrots.
My naughty food was an twenty five cent ice cream come. We did our shopping at Sandpoint super one.
Mange to get a short walk in this morning 3 power line poles and home. Once the sun goes down I'll get anther short walk in.
So far so good on my weekly goal...20 oz of water before 9 in morning. I continue then to drink water though the day.
 Eating out I thought I would of went off the wagon and fell head over heals and do a real number and weigh in on Tuesday. But I still have an barbecue tomorrow.

        Murphy Uncle Marvin had a cabin ages ago up in Priest lake when he worked for the state. and he new of DICKEN SHEET PARK but he said it changed, since he was a kid.

                                                           Coffee is on

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