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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh Being Naughty

My naughtiness has nothing to do with sex. Actual I been keep on track with my clean eating. So today I decided to eat unclean food. No I'm not Jewish. When I say unclean food I'm pretty much talking about food got high content of sugar, salt and or fats.
Had some cinnamon roll and of course with icing. Just didn't stop at one.  Husband and I went into Safeway. Still being naughty got my self an Cad-bury fruit and nut candy bar. Plus I've dipped it into unhealthy peanut butter.

Before my friend Qunella came. I mange to get a good walk in before seven this morning. Well my friend Quenella want to change her HOME page to her site.
But it seems to get it right is a big struggle. I keep hearing that building a web site should be easy. At this point that the farthest thing from the truth.
Personal I think she need to find someone under 40 or even 30 to get any where.

Well I should get back about my eating. Had applesauce pancake with peanut butter and rhubarb sauce. and 2 strips of bacon. Lunch a bowl of chili with a cut up brat. A bowl of cooked kale. Not sure what we're having for dinner.

It been a bit since I grumbled about anything. Statement time...I find most evil-genially (Evangelical) base faith are the most unloving people that walks on the face of this earth.

As I told here on my blog. That I donated to the Hope House and I called it the "free place" they help the needy usual with non food items.
Couple things which is only two bothers me, so far.
One of is the talk among some in there of people being of the wrong religion. Chit chatting about someone husband being Lutheran and how the Lutheran being the wrong faith.
Well the next one actual bothers me more and this might even break the straw on camel back.
LaWalla and I split the hours with Regis.
Yesterday Tuesday the 16 she took him and a friend of his out to the "Hope House" She stayed in the car and let them go in.
I'm not sure who came out. I'm guessing and it only a guess the management came out and ask LaWalla to get Regis out of there.
Not sure why. Regis is a little off. I can only speculate what went on. He has a tattoo of a  skull and pentacle and someone freak.

They do have a good service and they claim they have no string attach but the only one I see they prefer people of Christian faith and if they lift there arms and hands to the heavens, more the better.

At this point I will continue helping but if I hear or see anymore extreme judgement on there part my donation will subside to zero. I won't be giving to them in 2016.

Coffee is on     


  1. I have to eat stuff like that just to maintain my weight or I will dry up and blow away.

  2. life is short! nothing wrong with being naughty from time to time. our local safeway puts all their donuts on sale 50% off after 7 pm. i've never met an apple fritter that i didn't like.


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