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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day and Lithia

Yesterday Murphette and I went up to Smith lake, little north of Bonners Ferry and celebrated the first day of summer.
I wish I counted before our summer ritual we had 7 adult and one child.
Before that we visited and had a pot luck.
Our local earth base faith "Spairfitera" is coming along. Confession time...I couldn't fine the time to get some flyers done.   So we had to depend of social media.
One lady sang a song in "Hebrew" it sound pretty but I'm clueless what she said.

Just took minute and found a list of SOLAR DEITIES

As for our group Spairfitera we're coming along nicely and it been an learning experience. But everything in life is.
So I'll be setting up an community for our group on facebook. In hope to bring more people out of the broom closet.
Population in Boundary County is I believe about 10,000 people and 1% of that would be 100. Opinion time...Not sure we can get that many but I think 25 local people would be a good start, not saying larger numbers isn't possible.
Did a little research on the pagan population, 0.1% to 0.5% are pagan in the United States. If my math is right they should be some ware between 10 to 15 pagans in our community.

Both of our sons called there dad to wish him an Happy Fathers Day.

This morning Murphy and I went over to his sister Faith and picked cherries.

We picked two types of sweet cherries, Bings and Royal Anne. Then also a pie cherry. Not sure if  we'll get chance to get anymore or not. But if we do I would like to can some or make wine.

We're drying these. Both Murphy and I like dried cherries on different things.

Our first small harvest of snow peas. On the south side of our home we have an french tarragon plant So with our chicken and bake potatoes. Made a green salad add the item in above photo.
Breakfast potatoes and 2 eggs. Lunch a piece of toast with peanut butter we're pitting cherries.
Confession time...When we was over at Faith she had some left over egg dish and piece of cantaloupe I had some 
Right before seven I had some popcorn. Usual I have it plain and when I say "plain" no butter or salt.
Today I add some melt butter. If had to guess last time I add butter to popcorn it been longer then six months.

Took a morning walk.

Found and old pocket diary in our trunk from the 1880s and not sure who it was. At first I thought it might of been my Grandpa Clarence. But he would of been to young to be working.
Not sure who pocket diary it is. But look like they was in Montana and mention the JUDITH MOUNTAINS which I never even heard of.

Coffee is on

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  1. well i don't know what Spairfitera is but i hope murph had an excellent father's day.


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