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Monday, June 08, 2015

Good Aha What Sort Of Parents

I found this article UNNERVING for the owner of the dog, and the boy parents to advice him to do such an act.
Confession time....I have to watch how I feel and act towards people who are ultra conservative (non liberals) but I've never had the desire to shoot them...At times I want to slap the stupidly out of them
It quite simple the boy should be taken away from the family because the father told his son to break the law. and hope he can have correct therapy and grow up to be a fine citizen and have tools to make good decisions. Looks like the boys father isn't teaching his son any sort of ethics.

Our power went out this morning and had to eat at deli at Super one. Got a salad from the bar and cup of coffee.Under five bucks. I actual enjoyed the salad.
 For lunch I got some yogurt, a supper tiny piece of chocolate, and some type of nutty protein bar.
Not sure what all for dinner but I believe there hamburger, potatoes, and pineapples. I'm skipping either the bun or the potatoes
Still have got my 64 oz water but I'm guessing I got in 42 oz of water so far. I just don't see my self getting in the require amount in.
Before the heat got to high. I got my walk in this morning. Above 90.

Work was quite easy. Between clients I drop off a bag of food that Murphette got out of her storage unit and went though it. Gave the stuff to our local food bank. Lot of people was in there getting things from the pantry shelf....A person can go in weekly and get items. The way this work is on each shelf there will be sign "stating how many items one can get from a shelf" This morning our food bank look pretty busy.
Our local food bank has a high demand of use.
I also was kind and pick up a few extra things to take in.
My little act kindness I'm hoping it will make someone else life a little better, not such a struggle.

Coffee is on

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  1. I like the DQ breakfast burrito they serve here in Texas, it is a good buy at under three bucks.


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