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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Believe Me I Lost Count

Couldn't for the life of me. Tell you how many times I heard this statement "I/We got bills" today I took Carrie down to see her doctor appointment.
She said they have about $1,800 a month coming in. I said "For this area you have a pretty good income" her reply was "We got bills"
Then I replied back "Everyone does including Murphy and I"
Anyhow no more was said.
Before I went to work I paid of our credit card of $58.00 and when I got home I wrote 3 checks one for our water $68.00, phone $20, and Long distant $10. If my math right, I spend out $166. Does that sound like we have no bills.
Since I said what they have coming in I should say our income $1,600 a month

The other day my mother first cousin Jon called and was wonder where the McCalmant family reunion was at, KINGSTON and it will be held at ALBERTS LANDING BAR and RESORT
Jon and I both do genealogy but he been working on for over 50 years. He and I wasn't born in wide open space of the mid west. His dad Charles Clifford was born in South Dakota and his mom Florence  was born in Nebraska.
So today the wind was blowing out of the south and I was watching the light green grass wave about. Wondering if buffalo grass looks anything close even.

Been trying to keep my carb eating in check. Which haven't been easy. Breakfast a pancake and no syrup I had unsweetened applesause and 2 slice of bacon. Lunch I had yogurt, banana , and small bowl of left over spaghetti.
Dinner I believe Murphy is cooking stuff for burritos.
Once the sun falls behind the Selkirk and day start to cool down. I'll put some time in the flowerbed.

Got all the printed fabric I need for the rag rug I'll be crochet for Christmas gifts.

This will be Sawyer and Betty colors.

Bart and Molly colors.

Still need to buy 2 yards of solid color, turquoise and red. Which I'll get in Spokane Valley Washington.

Then I'll have all most most of my supply to make the rugs. Still need to pick up a cutting mat and rotary cutter.
Check the price at Walmart for both they would come to $50 and in Bonners Ferry it would be $80 something. I like to keep my money at home but when there is price different of $30, the rules change.
But I'll check the prices at Joanne fabrics anyhow I'll be there getting my fabric.

Coffee is on 


  1. My phone bill alone is over $80 a month. Well, that includes internet. My water is only around $50, but they are talking about rate hikes and it'll go way up over the summer. I'd say you are living remarkably frugally. But then, you have for as long as I've known you.

  2. I get by okay on 1019 a month...


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