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Friday, May 29, 2015

With What Every

A little bit I'm taking Regis to Sandpoint Wall Mart to see the eye doctor. He got a new care giver my friend LaWalla.
Right now we're splitting the hours in half, 8 hours each. Then she will take most of the hours. I'll just keep 2 of them. Which I'm hoping to do Monday Morning before I go to Carrie place.

Murphy been putting a lot of time and energy into the garden. Planted cucumbers, melon and winter squash to grow up on the trellis.

Well the FLEA BEETLE took care of and not in good way. The arugula, mustard greens, and kale.

Got my walk in before I went to work. My vegetable today was spinach and lettuce. No fruit yet. Think in bit I'll have applesauce. Maybe I can mark 4 serving of vegetable and fruit.

As I was saying above I was taking Regis to get his eye exam. Thank “AH” he has cataracts. Or his medie-medie (Medicare-Medicaid) wouldn't cover the exam.
I don't know if all state is like this or not. But here in Idaho.
If someone goes and has an eye exam and they find nothing wrong. They have to then pay for the exam.
None of people on medicaid can afford the exam. I was wondering what they would of done if nothing was found such as cataracts or something. Being nearsighted or farsighted doesn't count.
Toss us in debt-er prison.
Everything work out. But it got me wondering if they didn't find something wrong what would of they real done. He had no money and I refuse to pay for it.

Coffee is on


  1. Oooh what kind of melons did he plant? We are currently obsessed with eating them, and I was going to put in some Crenshaw today but it has been pouring down raining most of the afternoon. We love the Hami melon, but cannot find seeds for it :(


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