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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Take My Word We All Serve

I don't see my self going up to the gravy yard this weekend. No I didn't serve my country in uniform.
But I feel I serve others in so many ways. I have plenty of opportunity to help out others a little.
At times a little goes a long ways. Anyhow it better to serve and help the living. 
The dead is in there own place. What every that may be. 

I don't agree with the OATH keeper. But I thought it was a good ideal for our local chapter in Boundary County to have a food drive, there goal was to fill a one ton flat bed truck.
I purchase a few items and donate to them.
It worthy cause. I believe supporting my local area when I can. Which includes the misfortune in our our community.

As for other items today.

I paid most of the bills. I still have our internet and I'll pay that Tuesday. Since no mail is going out until then.
Got paid today. I had enough in our checking account that if I didn't get paid I could cover our basic bill for the next two month and put food on the table. It wouldn't be easy.

Stop in at Bank and I didn't rob it. As I said before I got paid from my place of employment.

Took care of Carrie.

Then on the way home I stop in at Safeway and got some discounted yogurts and pudding at 50% off.
As I was in check lane. I decided to purchase the guy behind me his six pack of beer, and few other items. Pay it forward.

Well right now I'm on hungry side. Not much junk food today. I did have a pudding I got on discounted bin. Well before I went to work I had an small hamburger and of course on cheap white bun. Dinner look like we're having Brats, mash potatoes and spinach.  

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  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I agree - it is a good thing to give back whenever you can! Good for you.


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