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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Stop In With The Facts

Once a year SILVERWOOD theme part just north of Courd Alene. Opens there park for about four hours. For handicap and disabled.
Which I find is very admirable. But here is a few issue I saw.
They redid there parking. You park so far away. It use to be if your disable you could have someone drop you off in front and go across the highway and park.
The way it is set up now it sure is a pain for those who have mobility trouble. Put up a building that rent out mobility equipment in the main parking lot. The closes mobility park is a 1/2 mile away and that walking.
I would guess only 1/4 of the rides was open. It took one to two hours to get on a ride. The park was only open four hours.
For a lot of these people standing on black top and hard surface must of been hard on them. It was hard on me.
Carrie had a ticket to get in and a chaperon ticket which I use. I thought this was nice on Silverwood part but standing in line for an hour or more to get on a ride is a little much.
Opinion time... is to open the entire park and have it open for 6 to 8 hours instead of the four.
Carrie and I did take a ride on "Tremors"

Murphy and I went out and worked on tarring the shed out the bench. It been a while since I been out there. But I can see progress he been making. This morning he and I went out and took out the floor that held up the insulation. Not sure what the correct term for the floor would be called. You didn't walk on it.
Made of particle boards it went to the dump.

The garden is going good. Lot of the seeds we planted is up. We have more to plant but our ground temperature isn't warm enough.

I been staying some what focus. No I haven't drank my 64 oz of water but I'm a little over 36 oz of water. It increasing.
At silverwood I bought some fudge 2 chunks. And on the way home we stop at PANHANDLE PIES
for a bite to eat. I bought clam chowder and she got four slice of pie to go.
I'll weigh in this up coming Tuesday at T.O.P.S not sure what that scale will read. But my home scale been reading right around 210 and usual it reads 215.
I did get my half hour walk in.

Coffee is on


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  1. Those long lines are one of the reasons I haven't been to a theme park in a long time. Just the thought of going to one makes me feel tired.


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