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Monday, May 11, 2015

Small Amount Sometime All It Takes

Yesterday both of my son call and wish me a Happy Mothers Day. I had sure a horrible head ache and didn't talk to either one long. I handed the phone over to there dad.
Both son are house hunting now.

Well today I took Carrie over to her so called doctors appointment and some how dates got mix up.
So her and I briefly walked though the HEALING GARDEN
I enjoy the tranquility of the place
Confession time...I can't find my keys to get into the church where are tops meeting is held. 
So much for tranquility the pastor will meet me at 9 to open up. With work and all my house is so cluttered it driving me nuts.

I'm one who like to help others out. I've mention my friend Murphette she parked in our drive way. She homeless and she has her van plugged in.
We feed her and let her use bathroom. But one thing I don't want to enable her to get a place of her own.
A basic two bed room trailer here is $400 a month if your lucky. Plus utilities and you cover them. Her income is right around $750 a month.
It used to be third of your income should cover your housing cost.
Hopeful soon something will work out for her. But one needs to put some effect in helping them self.

I been going though the alphabet and I'm at the magic letter of "I" and the only food I could come up with I is Iceberg Lettuce and Ice Cream.
Well I step out side of the box and came up with the word "Individual" and went to Safeway and bought 5 loaves of bread and took them to our local food bank.
Our local food bank in Bonners Ferry has such a high demand of use. So I also posted on a few local groups though facebook... I understand the local food bank in Bonners Ferry has a high demand of people using there services. I'm nicely asking any INDIVISUAL to bring in bread which is an item of higher demand, or any thing else during the week of May 11 through 15.
Food bank is open Monday thru Friday 9 til 12 (close 12 to 1) then open from 1 to 4. Closed all day Thursday 
Food bank is located next to Verizon building on the south hill"
I hope some individuals will make a different in someone else life. I was briefly talking to the front lady and she told me someone saw the post and brought in I believe is five sack of pancake mix.

I hope before I leave this earth and go on the other side for a while. That I make this earth  a better place. How every small it may be...

Coffee is on


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  1. i buy bread at a wholesale warehouse where they get bread from the mfg that is within 3 days of the best before date. it's premium bread that sells for about $3 to $4 a loaf regular. the wholesale place started off at 50 cents, then 97 cents and now they just raised it to 1.19. still a good deal.


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