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Friday, May 01, 2015

It Pretty Much Fancy Robbery

I'm not even sure what statement I need to make, starting this post.
I thought it would be simple day at work. Change my client Carrie bed, do a few dish and some cleaning.
Well I was wrong.
Her DIABETES counts been on high side and the doctor put her on METFORMIN which is fairly common drug for diabetic.
The doctor want her to take a class on nutritional and get a medical bracelet or necklace.
So I suggest she call up her doctor and see in Medicare and or Medicaid will pick it up. So she called her prime care physician.  To see how she would go about getting a brace let but they didn't know how.
Since she had them on the phone. She asked about seeing a nutritionist and they told her there were some papers she need to get.
She then ask if her care giver could come down and pick them up.
Which I done many time for my clients.
They said you need to come right in. So we went and sign in. Sat there for an almost and hour I went up to the front desk ask them what the hold up was. They told me they weren't sure why she was there. I told them someone from there office called and told her to come right in.
Well then soon she went back and she was there for an anther hour.
Yea the doctor filled out the paper work and charged the federal and state for office call. I could of ran and picked up the paper work. If they let me just went in and picked up it would of been 10 minute or less to take of,

The other day we were in Sandpoint the next town South with any population. Since we were there we thought of making an appointment for her pain doctor.
She takes injection for the pain and I was hoping the physician assistant would take a few minute and right out Rx for the injection medication.
Monday morning we need to drive down to Sandpoint be there for 15 minute to hand her two prescription.
That they pretty much could just took care of that day we was in Sandpoint.

I'll be the first to admit I'm for a one payer system. But it seem like they like to do it most un common sense style.
My Narcissus are in bloom.

Coffee is on

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