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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Happy To Help.

I'm one who believe charity begins at home. I try my darnedest to buy and give local.
Idaho is a  POOR state. I was trying to find out the stats on needy in my local county. Couldn't find anythings.
But I know there is a lot of poor people.
Our local food bank is part of the COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER and we have such a demand for it and it difficult to maintain it.
The other day I was in there with my client/friend Carrie. There wasn't much on the pantry shelves at all. The two ladies in there that day put a plead out on there person face-book page, for donations.
Anther lady challenge the people in community to bread bake off.

During 2015 I been take a letter of the alphabet each pay period and purchase around $15 and donate the items to our local food bank or the hope house which usual give away non food items.
I bought a case of 30 toilet paper and took it out to the Hope House. Glad I could give. It makes me happy to help when I can.
There planning to do some type of sack lunch program though out the summer months. I believe on Tuesday. I told them I would purchase some small pouches of juice and give to them. That will cover the letter “J”.
But this Saturday I'll be getting paid and Monday I will pick up individual items and donate them to our local food bank. Isn't “I” for individual.

Question time...people here seem to elected people who cut any social net programs...and why is that?

I hear grumbling on mainly the federal government and taxes. I don't what these people are thinking.
We need a tax structure. Confession time...I'm one who doesn't care for our present system of taxes.
But I know taxes are necessary to maintain and take care of civilize. But with the resent BUDGET cut who will it hurt.
Opinion time...We spend way to much on the military. Wake up time the veteran department is complete separate department then the military.
And most conservative republican votes to slash and veteran benefits.

It been a while since I got to go to one of my T.O.P.S meeting. I weight in and lost a little over pound.
Well I need a support group and the scales makes me accountable for my choices in my health.
We're doing a new contest that should help us stay focus. From top of my head...No white flour or white sugar for any of the three meals. Well for breakfast I had a pancake.
64 oz water. Not even close
Walk for half an hour. Short by 20 minutes
Nothing to eat after 7 in the evening. So far so good.
My sheet to keep track is up stairs.

Coffee is on


  1. you're a very generous person. most of us are so busy running around in circles that we forget to help the less fortunate. i gave a few dollars to drunk in front of the liquor store yesterday.

  2. Thank you Billy for the kind words.


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