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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Don't Want to Fall Off The Wagon

I couldn't tell you how many time I've fell off the wagon when it comes to weight lost. I figure if complete 3 of the task on our current contest.
There a good chance they will be come a habit and good habit.
Walking, no eating after seven at night, and water they want us to drink 64 oz (.03) Although there other task to complete but I've over whelm my self trying to change habits I know that needs to be change,

Breakfast potatoes and yes they were fired, and cheese melted. Scrambled eggs with spinach straight out of the garden.
Lunch just Moise though the fridge...I know I didn't have any ice cream because there non in the freezer. I just never real had a lunch.
Dinner Burrito or wraps with plenty of greens and use 1 tablespoon of sour cream because out of all the dress it has the less sodium
For fruit I had a banana and mango.

I did get my 30 minute walk in today

Coffee is on

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