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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One shouldn't Never Think To Hard.

I thought I would be posting before now and actual posting on the going on in my life. I'm tired from work.
I'm filling in for a bit with Avis. His last caregiver walk out on him. I haven't heard why his last caregiver walked out.
But it doesn't matter. I walk out on my old client "Donna" enough is enough of someone crap.
 I'm not putting all the hours in that he is assign to, so they'll work a little harder to find someone else. Or the companies will be loosing money from medicaid.
I told the agency I work for I'll split the hours with someone right down the middle. Or even give them more then 50% of the hours.
He gets 16 hours a week. and I put in 4 to 8 hours a week.
But after a while I believe he could be some what difficult to deal with. Complains a lot
So for now I just tell him when I'll be in and what time I'm going.

But what cool he has some cool things. sort of like a gothic super hero stuff.

Coffee is on

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