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Friday, April 10, 2015

Not To Be Truthful

I've always been honest when it comes to social media. Including my blog. But the other day my daughter in law Betty and a friend of her post about how facebook cause DEPRESSION Person after both article it the same thing as before social media, KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES 
Well both of these younger woman post about trouble there having in there life. I also did the same.
General speaking they got comment on there personal struggle . Me I got comment on the article.
This was my posting...and my thoughts.....
I don't know why us as humans have to make more of our life then it real is. Are we so scared that someone will judge us, “other then a higher power”. If we're honest what could happen to us?...loose a friend, someone thinks less of you, loose a job, not get a promotion, or end up hell. 
1.I keep saying I want to reopen a ceramic shop and I do very little toward it.
2.My home is clutter and I'm embarrass by it. I could do more about it.
3.I'm over weight and I continue making poor choices of food I put in my mouth, and I don't get enough exercise.
4.I'm narrow minded toward narrow minded people, and I think there below me.
5.I want to blame my husband on not getting my goals done.
6.I don't think any one faith have the answer about the afterlife. Anther word I don't believe you need to be born again crap.
7.I really have issue about money a love hate relationship
8.It irradiated me when people think my dad was such a wonderful person. The man was mental and physical cruel to me. This one of the reason I lack self confidence
9.I don't like doing in-home care. Right now I have a wonderful client. Some are right down a pain in the ass.
10 .Sometime I don't want to live in Bonners Ferry. I would like to live in a more-culturally more diverse

I took some photos and I can't find my thingy bobble to get my photo off my sd card.
I bet none of you miss place items.
I almost ready to start my ankle part of the slipper socks I started. Haven't yet got the hang of criss cross stitch.
This morning before work I filled up my bobber and now ready to start sewing strips together.

Coffee is on


  1. So other than that things are going well enough?

  2. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Ain't nobody got the right to judge another person. We are all struggling, doing the best we can, usually without much help or encouragement, and when you lie your head down at night you know you done all you could do and that should be enough! I don't even care what a "higher power" thinks! hang in there.

  3. "When life hands you lemons"...If I have to have one more glass of lemonaide I'm going to vomit!

    Noodle and crew

  4. So basically you need to decide what you really want and then go for it, with no blaming the husband or concern for what others post on Facebook.


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