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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Shouldn't Wish.

I have my two local charity I help out every month. I most be some what OCD when it comes to tithing.
I'm clueless how I came up with purchasing $15.00 worth of items and donate to local food bank and to the hope house. Which some people call it the give away house.
But I wish I could or would give more.
But I know there people out there who wish they could give, and can't. But there the other side of the coin who just plain self center and won't help anyone out.

Today My friend Alice and I went down to Sandpoint and got our bonus check. And she not doing well.

Her surgeon called her and cancel her colonscopy. Two of her blood count was way off. Her potassium and some other count wasn't were it needed to be. So they said she was having KIDNEY FAILURE and she waiting for the doctor who treats that disease to call.
She was going try to wait to draw social security, until she was closer to 70. She will be 65 the first part of December.
I know she doesn't have any health insurance and she ended up in our local hospital and now owes them about $4,000 and it doesn't look like end of the story yet.

I'm so jazzed that the artichoke came though the winter. Not sure what do with it. We cover it at night.

Murphy and I are putting up a garden trills. We're about half done placing in the post.  

Coffee is on


  1. What a good person you are to donate to such worthy charities. If everyone was like you the world would be a better place.
    So sorry to hear of Alice's health issues. Us Brits with our National Health Service are so very lucky. xxx

  2. That top 'funny' is so darned hilarious.

  3. I feel so for your friend. A family member of mine has kidney disease. Not near the failure level, but it's possible one day. Not what you want to hear when trying to get ready for a colonoscopy. I also wanted to mention that, when I've done fundraising at my job, it seems like those who have the least give the most. That's been my observation. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. Sorry to hear about your friend Alice. I know what you mean about some people being giving and others being, well, mean.

    Years ago, I learnt: don't wait until you feel you can afford to give a lot. Giving a little at various times can be helpful and appreciated too.


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